Long Island Medium Season 9

It is one of the greatest shows that feature supernatural power as something real. Someone do not put much faith in it while others believe in the spiritualism with all their hearts. What opinion do you personally have? The series is by the way very popular and long-running making us think that people do believe in such things.

TV show summary

Do you personally believe in spiritualism? If yes, the show “Long Island Medium” will tackle your interest come rain or shine. If you are skeptic about this, do not even try to watch it. The concept of the show lies in getting closure with those beloved people who have passed away all of a sudden. Theresa Caputo proclaims herself a psychic medium and helps the family members of the dead ones in this issue.
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The current number of seasons constitutes eight. This contributes to the conclusion that the show is in demand, as well as the theme portrayed there in the series that is aired on the TLC.
The series production is behind Magilla Entertainment with the executive team composing of Brian Flanagan, Laura Palumbo Johnson, Matthew Ostrom, and James Kowats. The series debut was held in September 2011.

What is portrayed in the eighth season?

Becoming available since January 2016, the eighth season started featuring new spiritual sessions with our beloved Theresa. As we were lucky in December, the pilot one-hour Christmas episode appeared before the release of the entire season. The special centered on making people who have lost their dearest persons during the holiday season feel comfort and closure.
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Before the premiere, the creators had assured the followers of the project that a new installment would be packed with a great number of surprises. So what were those new excitements for us?
Practically each episode in the eighth season was dedicated to concrete people. For instance, one part featured members of families who have lost children, which is a matter of priority for the medium as she is a woman and knows how hard it can be to be deprived of a little chance to look at your child’s life.
There was also a special which narrated about those, who were willing to say goodbye to the beloved ones who had passed away in the line of duty.
There in the eighth installment, the starring cast consisted of such celebrities as Jim Parsons, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, and a few more.

Securing the renewal of the show

Long Island Medium Season 9 Cast
The series is reckoned to be so much popular that we cannot but conclude that it is not only a worthy settler on its home channel but also a motivation for those who can’t find powers to live further without their dead beloved ones. The medium gives them a chance to appease and move forward.

If following the news

As for today, the series is revived for the ninth installment. The Long Island Medium season 9 release date remains so far undefined and this makes us monitor the situation. Supposedly, it can appear only getting closer to this year if to predict that the ninth debut will be held in the next January. It is also possible that another special will gladden us this December.


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