Livin` Lozada Season 3

Having delivered the average ratings to the OWN channel, Livin’ Lozada is still a strong performer and should be developed further, thus, come rain or shine. This point-of-view is proved by the anticipation coming from the female audience. Let’s wait and hope for the appearance of the positive news regarding this project on the official resources.

Making a Sketch of the OWN program

Livin’ Lozada is another documentary on the OWN channel considered as a new addition to the programming list since 2015. The second chapter has debuted in May this year. Sixteen episodes are available specifically.
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The creation is on the executives from Shed Media named Russell Heldt, Lisa Shannon, Pamela Healey, John Hesling, as well as an immediate heroine of the story named Evelyn Lozada.

The Core of the Documentary

What comes for portrayal here? The lives of a mother and a daughter whose names are Evelyn Lozada, famous for her participation in Basketball Wives, and Shaniece Hairston, her 22-year-old daughter.
Evelyn got rid of the abusive relationships several years ago. Yet now, she again in love with a young man named Carl. Recently she has given birth to her second child. This time, it is a boy.
Apart from family, Evelyn comes to be involved in LA Dodgers Carl Crawford. In the latest season, she and her family settles down in their offseason home in Arizona. The glamorous Hollywood lifestyle is put aside so far, for the baseball season has come to an end.
At the same time, Shaniece keeps progressing with her modeling career and as well as with the career of a designer, as she has been working on the launch of her own bikini collection.

Following Ratings

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Among the documentaries on the OWN channel, this one is one of the highest-rated, judging from the release of the freshman season, at least.
The viewership is average constituting about 0.9 million viewers. The series is tailored specifically to the female audience – it is an obvious statement. The range of ages is fluctuating between 25 and 54.
As for the scores on various aggregator websites, they are not as inspiring as it could have been expected yet sufficient to keep delivering the fresh episode to the anticipated female audience. On IMDb, this number corresponds to 6 points out of 10. This can be explained, nevertheless, by the restrictions in terms of the target audience.

No News Regarding the Future

The situations with the future of the project is rather sad nowadays. The series fate is still to be decided by the creators. There is no essence, thus, of speaking of the Livin’ Lozada season 3 release date until the resumption is made. Will the rating figures be enough to create the following installments or not? How do you think? What is your attitude to this real-life story of the star? Are you a fan of this young woman?
Share your impressions with us while expecting any kind of info from the team of the show creators.


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