Live Free or Die Season 4

Live Free or Die is a reality TV series filmed and released in the USA. The release is officially carried out by National Geographic Channel. The show follows everyday life affaires of four participants willing to survive in the wild nature. They have to fight rural environment and its extremities. They are separated from the technological world of today and have to work their way out on their own. They rely on nature trusting it everything they have. The production matters are carried out by National Geographic Studios. The show is released by National Geographic channel. Live Free or Die season 4 release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the producers are working on it, cause the show hasn’t been cancelled.


The members of the show and the cast are individuals that agree to leave the modern world of technologies and internet in order to devote themselves to natural ways of survival like hunting, fishing and passing their lives off the hand. The participants have to use the simplest and most primitive instruments to forage, trap, and build. They do their best to exist in shelters built on their own while using only raw material that they can also sell.
Live Free or Die Season 4 date release

Every participant of every new season brings his experience to the show. They need to forget what running water is, how electricity works and what central heating is. Besides, they’re constantly looking for food and learn how to protect themselves from the wild animals in a severe world of nature. You’ll watch survival tips from the participants joined to the hardest activities. There’s no script or certain agenda in the series – the project is totally devoted to people interested in survivalism.
Live Free or Die Season 4

Before the participants of the project are allowed to survive on cameras, they pass through several castings testing their physical and mental abilities. In every new episode, they will have to be adapted to new circumstances after leaving the new world of today with all of its appliances and useful inventions. Nature will chick them out demonstrating their will and abilities to survive on camera.

The cast includes Colbert Sturgeon, Tony and Amelia Stevens, Derik Stevens, Tobias Corwin and Matt Graham.
Live Free or Die Season 4 r Date

The fourth season release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the producers of the show have big plans for it in the future. When we get more reliable and relevant info on the upcoming episodes of Live Free or Die, we will let you know.

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