Live Free or Die Season 3

Another survival project referred as “Live Free or Die” is now on the bubble expecting the verdict that should be brought in by the immediate creators of the reality show particularly by the producers of National Geographic Television. Currently, we are in possession of two entire episodes with quite favorable opinions towards its idea which makes us believe in the future continuation of the story.

Brief summary of the reality show

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Making for the reality project depicting the ways to survive in the wild regions of the Mother Nature, the serial under the title “Live Free or Die” is reckoned to be a filming product fabricated and aired by the well-known American company titled National Geographic Television. The most recent chapter saw the light of day at the beginning of the preceding autumn. So it is high time to be acknowledged about the details of the following third season.

What does the serial follow in fact?

The serial is focuses on the way of lives the five brave people have been leading. They inhabit various parts of the USA. As for example, Colbert is considered to be the resident of bogs in Georgia while Toni and Amelia are living in the territories of Blue Ridge Mountains. There is also Gabriel who is now in the region of California Mountains. All of them have one thing in common. The thing is that are coping with their life difficulties without all those devices and comfortable environments proposed to us due to the technological advance.
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They are relying only on the things that Mother Nature is offering to them. They should survive hunting for food and searching for water. They should keep themselves safe from the danger coming from wild animals. It seems in fact like an impossible task for accomplishing from the first sight. But watch the series from the very beginning and you will catch yourself thinking that these people are free in comparison with the majority of the planet population who has got used to their Internet and TV sets.

Ratings and chances of renewal for the third part

With its idea of a free life with no obligations in front of the society and state, the serial continues to gain traction in its rating numbers. According to the data shown on IMDb, the serial is evaluated in more 7.5 from 10 points. More and more people are joining the viewership of the project increasing in such a way the ranking level and the possibility of future resumption of the reality show.
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When can we expect the debut of the third chapter?

At the present moment, we are not aware in fact whether the third chapter can take place in the near future as there is no official word from the creators about the resumption of the reality show.
But taking into consideration the high ranking level and anticipation of the fans, there can appear no doubts that the serial can be canceled and consequently it should be renewed in any case. But it’s only suppositions. So as there is no data available about the resumption as well as about the Live Free or Die season 3 release date, it is highly recommended to keep abreast of fresh installments coming from the reliable resources.


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