Little Women: LA Season 6

Little Women: LA is a reality TV series created and released in the USA. The first season release date is the 27th of May 2014. The series concentrates on little women’s lives and their everyday struggles. They are all friends living together in LA. The show turned out to be so successful that it resulted in a number of spin-offs. Little Women: LA season 6 release date Hasn’t been announced yet, we’re still waiting for the decision of Lifetime channel. The production matters are carried out by Kinetic Content. The executive producers of Little Women: LA are Chris Coelen, Karrie Wolfe, Katie Griffin, Eric Detwiler, San Heng, Kathleen Burns and Terra Jolé.


The participants of Little Women: LA are getting back to our TV screens to share more touching moments of their lives! They’ve given birth to new babies, found love, friendship, experienced troubles in personal and professional lives. Now the ladies are meeting face-to-face to reveal unpredictable truths about their relationships in every new episode.
Little Women: LA Season 6 date release


  • Briana Renee. Does her best to focus on the needs of her family never losing positive energy. She decided not to leave Matt after he has cheated on her. For some reason she continues to fight for this marriage paying no attention to rumors. Has health troubles that provoked a number of complications in the period of her pregnancy.
  • Christy Gibel. Didn’t manage to give birth to her child and failed to adopt. Together with Todd, she realizes that her family will never be the way they want it to be. However, she’s got a teenager daughter named Autumn. She’s growing so fast and Christy does her best to concentrate on her upbringing. Christy also tries to revive her relationships with Briana.
  • Little Women: LA Season 6

  • Elena Gant. Gave birth to twins. Together with Preston, they realize that being parents for the very first time is a true challenge. Now she must combine her missions of being a loving mommy and a professional, developing career woman.
  • Jasmine Arteaga Sorge. She’s very responsible and hard-working in comparison with her husband. She’s extremely worried about her family’s financial position. Together with her husband Chris, they’re waiting for a new child to be born.
  • Terra Jole. She cares a lot about her health issues and tries to get rid of unfaithful friends letting her down. She’s ready to give birth to her second child. She’s straightforward and her outspoken nature often provokes numerous troubles.
  • Tonya Banks. Starts the official family life with Tonya experiencing troubles connected with her ex-boyfriend that is also her business partner.

Little Women: LA Season 6

6th Season Air Date

Season 5 wrapped up on the 16th of November 2016. There’s no news about the official renewal of Little Women: LA, however, the ratings are promising and the show is extremely popular. We will share what we know about Little Women: LA 6th season release date when Lifetime announces more plans on its schedule in the upcoming year.

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