Little Women: Dallas Season 2

Despite a rather unusual format, the show Little Women: Dallas has already become a cult for many viewers. After all, this series is a spin-off of several other projects of this plan, which were held in other cities of America. Judging by the interest of the audience to this program, the creators made sure to return the renewed show on Lifetime channel. But after the first season came to an end, many fans of the series began to ask the authors of when Little Women: Dallas season will return for the next new episode. Release date of the coming program has fortunately been announced, so it’s possible to say that the second season air date is scheduled for the nearest future.

Series Developers

The freshman season start was set for November 2, 2016. The season which has already finished consisted of 13 episodes.
Little Women: Dallas Season 2 Cast
The crew of executive producers developing the show and selecting the cast for Little Women: Dallas includes the following professional filmmakers:

  • Eric Detwiler;
  • Melissa Tallerine;
  • Mariana Flynn;
  • Chris Coelen;
  • Noah Moskin;
  • Karrie Wolfe;
  • Katie Griffin;
  • Mary Donahue;
  • Terra Jole.

The company which is producing the series and responsible for its all possible air dates is Kinetic Content; the network which is going to present the following season release date is Lifetime.

Plot Peculiarities

As it has already been mentioned, Little Women: Dallas is a spin-off of previously released parts of a similar plan. Among the cities which participated in the program were Atlanta, New-York and Los-Angeles.
The project tells about the struggles among little women and is full of really dramatic scenes and disappointments faced by the participants. The cast of the latest season included various women: a cosmetologist, a bodybuilder, a cosplayer, a dancer of go-go and others. This various cast experiences difficulties communicating with one another and is often in a quarrel. But exactly this story is the most interesting for an ordinary viewer who is eager to watch scandals and quarrels.

Viewers’ Rating and Soon Renewal

The number of the audience of the first season premiere was about 0.96 million viewers; a demo-rating of the show was of 0.35. Later episodes were watched by a less number; however, the figure didn’t change greatly.
According to the finale schedule given by the authors the new season is to be released on November 23, 2016. Stay tuned to get all the necessary information about possible changes and be the first to get all the useful data regarding any plot twists.


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