Little Big Shots Season 2

Fans of the famous American TV-show "Little Big Shots" can breathe a sigh of relief: recently NBC has officially announced the official continuation of the series for one more season. “Little Big Shots” season 2 is renewed — release date to be announced. An exact date has not been disclosed yet, but the information given on the Internet confirms that the appearance of this popular TV-program on the screen is quite soon, so one should be ready for a greater amount of young talents, sparkling humor and unique charisma of an unchallenged host of the program – Steve Harvey, who is well-known by the audience.

Creators of the TV-show

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The creators of "Little Big Shots" are the producers Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey, who is also the host of the series. Besides, executive producers are Gerald Washington and Jeff Kleeman. The company responsible for the program is “East 112th Street Productions”, a respected organization famous for its successful projects. A professional team managed to provide the show with high ratings and create a program, which has no analogues on American television.

Peculiarities of the plot

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"Little Big Shots" is not just an ordinary talent show. Many viewers consider it to be very similar to the shows like “America’s Got Talent” or “X-Factor”. Of course, the series has the details of both the show and performances, but the main advantage of the program is members. The main characters of the series are the children of different age, who are not only demonstrating their amazing skills like dancing break, masterly playing musical instruments or unusual sporting achievements, but also talking to the host Steve Harvey. Being a comedian himself, this unique person creates wonderful atmosphere of trust between him and his little guests. Moreover, he is a real source of bright and memorable jokes, which is so appreciated by the audience.

High ratings: the key to success is the viewers’ love

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Season 1 of "Little Big Shots" consisted of eight episodes of one-hour duration. The first episode appeared on the screens on March 8, 2016, and since that time the rating of the program has been increasing. Inspired by the extraordinary success, NBC decided to renew the show for a second season, and this is quite logical: the premiere of the series was watched by at least 14.8 million viewers, which is almost 2 times more in comparison with any other entertainment program. Some kind of the loss of audience’s interest during the show was observed on Easter week, which is not surprising and rather predictable, but the creators are confident in the success of the continuation. The exact date of "Little Big Shots" season 2 has not been disclosed yet, but the viewers hope for their favourite show to be released as soon as possible.


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