Life or Debt Season 2

Have you got financial troubles? Are you about to go bankrupt? This show is for you, as here a finance consultant will provide you with as much advice concerning how to regulate your financial state of affairs as possible. The series is new and its fate is still to be determined. Let’s keep our chins up and hope for the best.

Program concept and production info

A new part of the programming list of the Spike TV channel, Life or Debt is an American reality show with a rather specific theme for depiction. The thing is that it is of very much use to those who are in trouble in terms of finances. Victor Antonio, the host of the show will assist everyone to get out of the trying times.
Life or Debt Season 2 Poster
The series creation is the task of such executives as Tim Duffy, Mike Duffy, and Tim Warren. Ugly Brother Studios is behind the whole fabrication. The first and the latest premiere of the series is dated back to March 2016. The series future is on the hook now. Let’s keep our chins up and hope that ten episodes with the duration of one hour each are not the limit for this show.

Making Everything Clear

What ideas does this poignant show aim to deliver to us? It is about the useful ways how to balance the streamline expenses and not to go bankrupt.
Multiple American families are on the brink of bankruptcy now. The smell of instability is what is felt in the atmosphere of their homes. That is quite tragic, indeed, as it can ruin not only lives of people but also the social units.
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Victor Antonio, a personal finance consultant, serves a saver for such families. Providing them with much useful advice, he helps to get out of this tragic situation and not to experience it anymore. So, the participants of this show get rid of the unbearable burden of debt for good.
Surely, each case, the host of the show embark on, is unique. There are financial troubles of various scales. Nevertheless, he is proficient enough to cope with all of them.

Show Ratings

The viewership throughout the freshman season was not so high even considering the usefulness of the idea. This, however, can be explained by the low ratings of the channel itself. So, the series has nothing to be blamed for. The proof of the greatness of the idea can be the score on IMDb that constitutes perfect 9.2 points out of 10.
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Even the poignant problems depicted and resolved in this show can be already perceived as guarantees to the series good future.

Regarding the Future Seasons

So far, there are no data concerning the series fate. The appraisal from the audience makes the chances of renewal actually high enough. Consequently, we should stay tuned in order not to miss the announcement of the resumption as it is felt to be around the corner.
The Life or Debt season 2 release date is expected to emerge only next year if the debut is scheduled for the start of spring 2017. Stay tuned for more updates regarding this show following our service.


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