Life Below Zero Season 9

Life Below Zero is a documentary TV series created and released in the USA. The series follows everyday activities of Alaskan hunters. The production matters are carried out by BBC Worldwide. The first season release date is the 14th of April 2013. Life Below Zero season 9 release date is yet to be announced.


The show six focuses on lives of a group of people living in far-away areas of Alaska. Their aim is to survive at lowest temperatures possible. In every new episode, they demonstrate their difficulties and the way they find solutions to unpredictable troubles created by wild and unforgiving nature of the north. The participants of the project hunt and survive with the help of resources they get from Mother Nature.
Life Below Zero Season 9 date release


  • Sue Aikens. She’s 50 years old living in about 200 miles from the Arctic circle in a tiny place called Kavik. She lives in extreme isolation, unable to get in contact with the world outside her mother town. She’s never afraid of pain and hardest of circumstances. She clearly realizes that she will never feel bad or depressed if she doesn’t concentrate on her emotions.
  • Chip and Agnes Hailstone have seven kids. The family lives on the bank of Kobuk River, about 20 miles from the Arctic Circle. Chip originates from Kalispel. Agnes originates from Noorvik, which makes her a native. She’s tightly tied to her motherland sharing her experience and knowledge with the growing generation in her family.
  • Life Below Zero Season 9

  • Glenn Villeneuve originates from Vermont. In 1999, he left his motherland to stay in one of the Alaskan towns. Now he lives in Chandalar – a place situated about 65 miles away from the Arctic Circle.
  • Jessie Holmes originates from Nevada. He’s a hunter, a fisherman and also he’s able to ride sleds with more than fifteen dogs in it.
  • Andy Bassich lives on one of the banks of Yukon River with sled dogs. Originated from Washington DC. His wife left him and he lives alone in almost complete isolation.
  • Erik Salitan is about 30. He lives together with Martha, his wife, about 70 miles away from the Arctic Circle in a tiny place called Wiseman.

Life Below Zero Season 9

9th Season Air Date

The 9th season release date is yet to be announced, but the series has a great potential and firm chances to be continued next year. We will share more info on the renewal when we get more official facts from the channel’s media resources. Stay tuned and you will never miss the new episode of Life Below Zero in its 9th installment on National Geographic channel.

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