Legend of Croc Gold Season 2

Having waited for a new adventure on the Discovery channel, you have received your present in the form of Legend of Croc Gold quite recently – on November 23, 2016. As far as the second season premiere is concerned, nothing is uttered, including the absence of announcement of Legend of Croc Gold season 2 release date. There is no searching for reasons – everything is clear as day – it is too early for such things.
American Chainsaws Entertainment serves as a company behind the production with Royal Malloy, Duke Straub, Colt Straub, and Alex Eastburg completing the cast of executives.

Concept Summary

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The title does not hint at the concept but makes it clear enough. There are miners in the TV show who are searching for gold. The place for searching is the island of Bougainville, just off Papua New Guinea’s coast. They believe that when finding it they will become successful men with a fortune.
The main personage of the reality story is Alaskan miner Farley Dean, as well as his family members and crew. As his mining business in Alaska has collapsed, he started to search for other places that can be investigated.
As it is known, this island is referred to one of the largest still untouched gold reserves in the world. But everything is not so easy as it can seem. Certain reasons that the island is overloaded with treasures exist, it is logical enough. The reason is a huge pack of savage crocodiles, who had killed many hopeful miners before them who had been trying to make money by means of finding gold. The dangerous aspect of the story adds to the level of interest tackled in hearts of audiences, does not it? How do you think? What perspectives does this new story have?
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Do Chances of Renewal Exist?

A more interesting question is when the new season air date will be announced, is not it? But let’s start with ratings. The series has garnered rather great rating figures, indeed. The first season premiere has been noted for 0.7 million watchers. With each new episode coming on screens, the level was maintained. With numbers like these, the chances of renewal seem to be sufficiently high. Thus, we have solid grounds to think of the future announcement of the second season release date. Stay with us for more info!



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