Leepu & Pitbull Season 2

The art – it’s not just painting, music and choreography. Modern talented people successfully prove that demonstrating one’s talent is possible not only in these activities, but also in other crafts, where creating masterpieces is also probable. To prove it decided the authors of the reality show Leepu & Pitbull, when in the summer of 2015 on History Channel presented their new product. This series has already familiar to many viewers format, where professional and experienced mechanics transform old and broken vehicles in real works of art. Since the last episode of the first season a lot of time has passed, and the audience does not cease to send the producers of the project the following question: will Leepu & Pitbull return for season 2? Release Date of the next season start is still unknown, and of course, the return of the show with its new episode is being awaited with great interest. Whether the creators present their renewed product soon or not, it will be known in the nearest future.

Creators and Authors

The first season release date was scheduled for June 23, 2015, and the last episode was shown on August 11, 2015. That part included eight episodes each running about one hour.
Leepu & Pitbull Season 2 date release

The people directly involved in process of making and developing the series are the following personalities:

  • Joe Barker (a director);
  • Sean Lewis (one more director);
  • Sam Maynard (the main executive producer).

The narration in the show is carried out by Scott Watthews, a talented and charismatic presenter. The distributor of Leepu & Pitbull and the company responsible for the coming new season air date is A&E Television Networks. The network which is sure to present the second season premiere when it’s renewed is History, a popular American channel.
Leepu & Pitbull Season 2

Plot Peculiarities and Cast

The main characters of the project are two vivid people: Nizamuddin Awlia called “Leepu”, who is a car designer, and Steve Trimboli called “Pitbull”, who is anoutstanding auto-mechanic and owner of his own workshop. These two men look for old cars, some simply broken and old, and some that are just look like scrap-metal. Spending a great deal of work to restore the machine, after some time these professionals represent an entirely new vehicle with improved design and updated mechanisms, such that you can safely send it to any exhibition.
Leepu & Pitbull Season 2

Prospects for Continuation and Finale Rating

The authors still haven’t given the schedule of the future season two and haven’t presented the series new characters. On IMDB Leepu & Pitbull has a rather high mark – 8.3/10. This result is good for the show that has been aired for only one season. Stay tuned to get all the news and known when new part of the series will be released.

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