Leepu & Pitbull Season 2

In the previous year, History channel set a new serial about cars going. This multipart reality project is introduced as “Leepu & Pitbull”. With the premiere held in the antecedent summer, there has not appeared any positive word concerning the future of the project which can be reckoned as not so much inspiring news for the fans base garnered already by the show.

Brief description of main aspects of the reality show

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Leepu & Pitbull is made as the product of the US company broadcast on History Channel since the antecedent summer. But so far unfortunately we are dealing only with a limited and quite small amounts of episodes united only in one pioneer season.
The project centers on the working process that is underway when two experienced master mechanics and car designers embark on turning old junkers into the real masterpieces.
Sean Lewis together with Joe Barker deserves a great credit for brilliant accomplishing of their directory duties working on this project. The action of the unscripted reality story is set in New York particularly in Long Island.

Getting closer to the story depicted

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Steve “Pitbull” Trimboli is presented to us as the host of Pit Bull Motors Inc. garage perched in New York. He is a calculating and quite a brilliant master in mechanical issues when it goes about cars and other vehicles. He knows his onions but he cannot cope with his tasks to the full without the immediate assistance of Nizamuddin “Leepu” Awlia who serves as an automobile designer. Together they form a close-knit team that is busy with customizing practically fully destroyed old cars at a quite low-cost price.
The colorful supercars that accrue from their hard work turn to be nothing but a surprise to the owners of these former old cars with a quite dissatisfying appearance at the beginning of each episode. Their dreams come true and the masters get their deserved income. Sometimes the situation turns to be complicated by the difference in the principal characters’ features. But they always manage to find the way out.

As far as the ranking of the pioneer season is concerned

Leepu & Pitbull Season 2 Cast
At first blush, this show may seem as something usual and not quite catchy as the watchers have already been pampered by the variety of reality projects of this particular type. But this only the opinion possessed by a person who has not watched it yet. The thing is that the central characters are dealing with the small budget solving the challenges of customization. So the owners of cars are common people, not stars. And this seems to be the main reason for this show to be highly accepted with favorable reviews from critics appearing in mass media.
Unfortunately, the fate of the show hasn’t been shaped by its developers yet though it seems like high time to announce the resumption of the story as well as the Leepu & Pitbull season 2 release date. In any case, we should keep monitoring the situation in order to obtain breaking news timely.


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