Last Squad Standing Season 2

The channel Oxygen recently presented the show, which from its first minutes managed to gather a large number of fans thanks for colorful characters and interesting plot. This is about the series Last Squad Standing, where the cast is competing with one another in a variety of tests for a pretty big prize. Although the first season premiere was launched not long ago, the audience is already wondering about when Last Squad Standing season 2 will be presented. Release date of the next new episode of the program is still unknown. The authors of the coming renewed show are likely to return the series on the screen soon, so the following season start should be awaited in 2017 when all the conventions are met.

Producers and Creators

Last Squad Standing Season 2 Cast
The pilot season air date was set for November 1, 2016. By today 9 episodes of this program have been released; the creators haven’t mentioned the numbers of episodes in future season two, but there won’t be fewer parts than in season one.
The host of Last Squad Standing is Alesha Reneé, an actress of usually a comedian genre. The crew of executive producers consists of such professional filmmakers as:

  • Rob LaPlante;
  • Jeff Spangler;
  • Trish Gold.

The company which is producing the show and is going to present its next season release date is Lighthearted Entertainment; the channel broadcasting the project and responsible for all the future air dates is Oxygen.

Plot Specifics

Last Squad Standing Season 2 Spoiler
The concept of the show is as follows: three teams of five people compete with one another in a variety of disciplines, both physical competitions and emotional stress testing. Periodically, the winners of the team vote for the elimination of one of the members of the losing team. The main prize of the project, for which these men and women are ready to struggle, is $ 100,000, which is a very considerable amount.
When new season is presented, the public is unlikely to see any differences in its format. Anyway, such a genre of reality show has always been popular among the viewers, so the continuation will definitely be accepted with pleasure.

Prospects for Continuation

When season 1 was released, its first episode was watched by the audience of 0.26 million viewers and its demo-rating was of 0.13; later this figure got lower (to 0.19 million and 0.09 demo-rating). This doesn’t mean the show has come to its end, but according to such results the creators will have to work hard to surprise the viewers and present a fully renewed product. Stay tuned to get finale news and follow the series schedule.


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