Last Chance U Season 2

Though the release of this docu-series has been held quite recently, we have got already info about the show future. The second season will be launched in the future. Supposedly, it will be next summer. Stay tuned for more updates coming from official resources.

Nuts and Bolts of the Docu-series

Broadcasted internationally on Netflix, Last Chance U is a new documentary that features the football team and it members’ lives.
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Adam Leibowitz, Benjamin Cotner, Joe Labracio, Lisa Nishimura, Dawn Ostroff, Jihan Robinson, James D.Stern, Lucas Smith, and Greg Whiteley are behind the executive part of the series shooting. The whole creation is on the trio involving Cond? Nast Entertainment, Endgame Entertainment, and One Potato Productions.
The first and so far the latest release has been held in July 2016. The current amount of episodes equals only six.

Following Its Ideas

The reality story centers on depicting the specifics of life of the football players from East Mississippi Community College American football team entitled as EMCC Lions. In 2015, they took part in the third consecutive national competition. The team is trained in Scooba, Michigan, specifically.
The series can be called as an inside look at both the personal and professional sides of players. What are their origins? What has led them to join this football team in the small town perched in the middle of nowhere? What are their dreams and plans for the future? All these, we get to know watching this series.

Audience response

This inside look at the lives of football players is noted for a universal appraise. What has been appreciated is the emotional approach and the overall complex issues portrayed.
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As for concrete rating numbers, we should mention here the concrete scores on various websites, as the viewership is not available for us, as Netflix does not expose such info. Well, on IMDB, the series is evaluated at 8.8 points out of 10, while on Metascore, the mark constitutes 79 out of 100. These numbers are only adding to the proof of the fact that the story is excellent and thus, should be produced further.

Regarding Latest News

We have already defined for you that the series chances of renewal are high. The team of developers understanding this has revealed the info about the future of the project as soon as the final episode was released.
Thus, the freshman installment will be followed by the sophomore one come rain or shine. And this cannot but please the loyal followers of sports in general and of such TV shows in particular.
The Last Chance U season 2 release date is not known yet we have other details to deliver to you. The following cycle is to feature another group of elite athletes trained by coach Buddy Stevens in order to take the leap into the next league.
Stay tuned with us in order to receive notifications about any other particulars referred to this program.


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