La Banda Season 2

A new-born serial under the title “La Banda” aired on Univision is now expected to return to TV screens in the form of the sophomore chapter. With the serial bowing out yet in the previous year, the developers have announced the resumption relying on the success gained by the pioneer installment.

Featuring the whole project

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Being a reality show with the musical orientation, the serial under the title “La Banda” comes to be created by Simon Cowell. The very story depicted is a quest which goal involves finding a fresh Latin band in order to join the ranks of Menudo, Mercurio, Magneto and many others.
The TV show stars Ricky Martin, Alejandro Sanz and Laura Pausini who serve here as judges. Premiering in the middle of September in the preceding year, the serial was aired on the hit American Spanish language channel titled specifically Univision.

What is here portrayed?

Here the musical competition comes for depiction. The purpose of holding it is to create a unique boy band consisting of the best Latin singers. So thousands of people are dreaming of becoming the immediate part of this band. The winners obtaining a sweeping victory are awarded by means of signing a coveted recording contract with Sony Music Latin. This prize is actually worth struggling for it in this difficult competition aimed to carry out a rigorous selection process.
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But if first installment centers on finding a new One Direction, then season 2 is expected to discover the new Fifth Harmony.

What should we know about ratings?

Being opened with a large amount of viewers sitting in front of their TV sets, the serial turned the channel to the second one among broadcast stations. This number constituted about 4 million people being steady be the way during all its run.
The enthusiastic acceptation of the show has contributed to the serial staying above such projects as NLF Football, Miss America, and Big Brother being aired in such leading U.S. channels as NBC, ABC, and CBS correspondingly. Can you actually imagine this? Being ahead of the progress of the most popular channels in the USA, the channel referred to as Univision begins to gain traction by means of releasing this particular TV show.

As far as the resumption is concerned

La Banda Season 2 Cast
As far as back as in May, the creator of the project was glad to state the revival of the story for the sophomore chapter. The premiere was preliminarily slated for the first half of this year. But as the matter stands, we have no confirmation or any other news coming from the producers of the Spanish language channel. Is it the reason for starting to worry? Surely it can be. But in any case we shouldn’t lose at least a tiny hope that the developers are aiming to announce the La Banda season 2 release date in the very nick of time.
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