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The current situation with renewals on We TV is as follows. The TV show “L.A. Hair” is now expecting a decision of its developers. We are unaware whether the serial will get another continuation, this time, the fifth season. So we should arm ourselves with patience, as only time can show what choice the creators will make.

Basic info you should know about this reality show

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L.A. Hair is an American show that features, in particular, the work of celebrity stylist Kim Kimble. His clientele includes Hollywood stars, as, for instance, Beyonc?, Mary J. Blige, and Shakira.
Kim’s name may not be known in the entire US. However, it appears as a line in the credits of every movie.
The fans of this show now have four chapters. Each one includes 12 episodes that last more than half an hour. The premiere of the latest season came out at the end of July the previous year.

What is depicted in the serial?

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Kimble is a professional in the sphere of beauty. She is a stylist for American celebrities who only trust their hair to her. But the question is, what the serial is about.
It follows a competition where Kim’s stylists from a prestigious salon perched in Los Angeles struggle to win their reputation as Kim has.
This challenge is not an easy task to accomplish. It can be an ordeal only the most experienced one can cope with. The reason for such difficulty is quite simple. They are dealing with pampered celebs, always dissatisfied with something. They are demanding and fierce. Celebrities want all their needs and wishes met. They are always aware of what they desire. If something is wrong, they can turn tarnish the image of the stylist. So, the primary goal of the competitors is to make the celebrity happy and satisfied.
In the latest season, Kim fills his team with another stylist, this time from Atlanta. He wants to make the story a little bit sharper. The rest of the team seems to be dissatisfied with this decision. That contributes to the growing suspense, too.

Rating and acceptance

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With the show’s quite average ratings, it was a surprise for the developers who expected much higher results. The serial is still broadcast on its home channel. That means the series has its viewership. The project gives us so much needed drama and competition usually expected from shows of the same format. And this can be enough to keep developing the story.
There is no available data about whether the fifth chapter will take place. The L.A. Hair season 5 release date is also unknown.

Update: LA Hair Season 5 Release Date!

A termination? Forget about that! The producers of this show are not some clueless simpletons. They know how to count the ratings, and they know how to make a good show. And they know how to release it in style.
The new episode of L.A. Hair will come out in nine days. We only have to wait until January 5, 2017. And then, we have a whole new season to watch. Isn’t that great? Maybe not for the haters, but the fans of this TV show will definitely appreciate this news.
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