Knocked Up Season 2

With the exuberance of shows on the Lifetime channel, it keeps launching newbies. One of them is Knocked Up, the reality project that explores the life of girls who have faced the unexpected pregnancy. The first season premiere is the only one so far dated back to the recent past – December 6, 2016. Nothing has been uttered with relevance to the future of the show. Following the recent debut, Knocked Up season 2 release date will certainly appear only next year.
Logical would it be to enlist the names of people who are directly connected to the production of this great social series. So they are Morgan J. Freeman, Dia Sokol Savage, Mary Donahue, and Sarah Thompson. The Lifetime channel takes part in creating the show together with  11th Street Productions.
Knocked Up Season 2 Poster
Akiitha, Audra, and Katie are three main heroines in the cast who are at the core of the poignant narration. Following a chance encounter, they face a serious challenge in their life that will change it once and for all. They find themselves preparing for motherhood, being unexpectedly pregnant. They are forced to re-think all main aspects and goals of their lives.
Consequences are the hardest deal here, as they should consider the possible relocation, fight with sobriety, involve somehow the babies’ fathers into the situation, resolve financial and career issues, explain this to their family members, and much more in fact.

Poignant and Rather Popular

The worthiness of the project is a thing pretty obvious. It can be accepted as a part of the struggle with high rates of teen birth among developed nations. The social issue is discussed here in a right way with no blaming word throwing towards girls who are destined to become mothers at their teenage.
As for concrete rating figures garnered, they are average with almost 0.4 million watchers per each new episode. Nevertheless, these figures do not play an important part. The verdict should be positive in any case towards the future of the project. When the new season air date is released is quite another question but it is obvious that not so soon, unfortunately. Understanding this, we may relax for some time and keep following news concerning the resumption and the statement of the new season release date. Stay tuned with us to be in the swim!


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