Klondike Trappers Season 2

A new survival show will fill your life with adventures. The freshman installment was launched far long ago in the previous autumn. Nevertheless, the developers are tight-lipped about the show future. What will it be? When can we expect the verdict rendered? What are chances? All these issues will be discussed now.

Starting with Describing the Whole Project

What is the most important about the show? Well, it is an adventurous survival series broadcasted in Canada on History Channel. The first premiere has been the latest so far as of today, in October 2015 if to be more concrete. The freshman installment includes eight episodes with the duration of one hour each.
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The program is created due to the company called Paperny Entertainment. Tim Lawrence, Jackson Tyler Richardson, and Paul Kell resolve the directorial issues. The series cast is composed of Guy Couture, Logan Donovan, Cor Guimond, and Megan Melanson.

What does It Narrate About?

The main heroes of the show are fur trappers. They inhabit the wilderness of Alaska and the Yukon. Not everyone can endure the harsh life conditions that the North offers.
Additionally, when fighting with the harsh north weather moments, they work as the specialist in the oldest fields of activity. They take care of trap-lines that can span over 100 square miles in order to provide people with food and cloth.
Often the temperature drops down below 40 degrees Celsius. They should overcome injuries and avoid wild animals during their long way. Thus, their lives are put at stake always.
What are the names of these survivalists? Well, they are the 64-year-old trapper Cor Guimond and his team, the members of which spend all their lives mastering this ancient sphere of work.
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Renewal Potential

As of today, nothing has been said by the developers regarding the show fate. What is the future of the project? What are the forecasts? Can we expect the release of the next installment ever?
First, let’s say some words about the response from the audience. Grounding on info from the IMDb aggregator website, we can say that the story is received on the average level. Twenty people have evaluated it there. The average score comprises 5.9 points out of 10.
In fact, all we can do now is to make suppositions. The subject of killing animals for meat and fur may not be to the liking of all people in the modern day, so it’s still questionable with what kind of reviews the show will end its first season.
The Klondike Trappers release date is far in coming and can be expected only in the case of the resumption. We keep our chins up, nevertheless, that the show will be renewed but chances are low since the period for the next launch has already passed with no news exposed for us. Well, in the majority of cases this means the cancellation. In any case, it has not been announced officially yet. Thus, the tiny hope still exists.


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