Kim of Queens Season 3

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General Overview

It’s a reality project with Kim Gravel – 1991 Miss Georgia. She’s a pageant couch training other beautiful girls to become beauty pageants. The premiere episode was broadcast on the 1st of January 2014. The production was realized through Relativity Television and Bogner Entertainment along with Tom Forman, Brad Bishop, Bryan O’Donnell, Colleen Conway Grogan, Mary Donahue, and Eli Lehrer.
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The Crew and the Plot

Kim Gravel is one of the most successful and well-known pageant trainers. Her mission is to get the real diamonds out of rough ones. She trains and turns her clients into confident and successful young women. Kim lives with her family – her mom Jo and her sister Allisyn.
The participants of the project:

  • She’s Hannah’s mother. Kim nicknamed her an older Barbie. She’s sure that Debbie does her best to make Hannah a mini version of herself.
  • She’s Marah’s mom. Her daughter is adopted. Angie loves her with all her soul and frankly says that she’ll do whatever possible or impossible to make Marah happy and successful. She’s also a dance teacher an feels really proud of her daughter’s dancing abilities.
  • She’s Anslee’s mom. She’s the oldest out of four moms. When someone tells he that her daughter is spoiled she always says that she’s just well loved. Anslee often feels shy and unconfident about herself. Lee wants Kim to make her daughter feel confident in herself.
  • She’s Addison’s mom. Want’s to make a girly girl out of her “regular one”. Has a distinct Southern Accent.

Kim of Queens Season 3 Poster
Sometimes, Kim brings another girl to make the other girls compete with her.

Release Date

The last episode of Kim of Queens project was cancelled which made Kim Gravel feel actually heartbroken. But she hopes she’ll finally make another breakthrough in her career out of this breakdown. There was no official info about the release date of the 3rd season. If you’ve got anything to share with us, leave it in the comments.


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