Killing Fields Season 2

Good news has come for those who has already fallen in love with the serial “Killing Fields”. The serial is officially resumed for the second season. However, the exact launch date is yet to be scheduled.

Brief review of the project

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Killing Fields is a newcomer in the American television. Presented as a criminal drama, it debuted at the very start of this year. The serial is a coproduct of two production companies, particularly Sirens Media and Leftfield Entertainment Company. The home channel is, surprisingly, Discovery Channel. How come? Well, that doesn’t matter. What is important is that this serial is the first crime investigation project on this network.
The team of executive producers has the most experienced professionals in this sphere. They are Barry Levinson and Tom Fontana. These two people are award-winning producers of a considerate number of films.

Plot details

The story focuses on the investigation of a puzzling case of murder. All six episodes are full of attempts of Rodie Sanchez who is a former detective to solve the strange case.
The action takes place in Baton Rouge located in the US. The victim of the crime is Eugenie Boisfontaine. He was killed back in 1997, but the murderer is yet to be found. So why has the detective decided to bring the investigation to an end only after revealing the real criminal? Why can’t he just leave this case? He has promised to the mother of that man to get to the bottom.
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He gets the official permission to resume the case and tries to investigate. That puts him on the trail of truth. Of course, he can’t cope with this task without the valuable assistance provided by the local detectives.
The investigation begins to be fruitful. After all, the modern technology utilities and equipment make it possible to use DNA analysis as an important way to define who might have a connection to the case.

How has the new serial been accepted?

Viewers took the serial quite positively unless if we take some negative commentaries from the critics into account. There have been some good aspects underlined as well. For instance, the charisma of Rodie Sanchez, a brilliant way of depicting the story. So there is a firm ground to conclude that the serial is to be resumed by the developers.

When can we expect the renewal of the series?

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Very recently, the Discovery Channel has renewed its schedule resuming some of its projects for the 2016 and 2017 years. One of those projects is Killing Fields.
However, so far there is no data about the Killing Fields season 2 release date as well as about other details of the project. We will keep an eye on the situation and hope that the news about the launch date will appear shortly.

Update: Killing Fields Season 2 Release Date Confirmation Arrived!

What does it mean for you when an update appears on this website? Why, of course, it means there’s news about your favorite series. Sometimes, that news is good, sometimes, less so. Not to worry, though. In this one instance, you’re perfectly justified in feeling slightly elated. After all, it’s not every day that you get the news of your favorite series’s fate.
And what news it is! We now know for certain that season 2 is coming out. Not just that, we also know when it’s going to happen. Make sure not to miss the new episode as it will be on air on January 2, 2017. Which will come in less than a month now.
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