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With a unique idea for depiction, #killerpost stands as a project from the Oxygen programming list with an undefined future. The cases that are investigated there are represented in a true way so that the audience is shocked by the violence to which the virtual world can lead. Follow us in order to stay informed of any changes in the situation with the project.

Making a summary of the documentary aired on Oxygen

Dealing with this project, you will get an original documentary wrapped up in the series. Its first and the latest premiere has been held on the Oxygen channel in January 2016.
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Stephen Land, Allison Wallach, Deborah Allen, and Edmund Coulthand are the executives from Jupiter Entertainment and Blast! Films. They have been working on this project highlighting a great problem of the modern world – which one specifically we will get to know a little bit later.
As for the current amount of episodes, it constitutes five parts. The narration is given by Sharon Martin. Now let’s penetrate into the concepts and ideas of the show, as it seems to us that it is of vital concern when describing this project.

As far as the concept of the docu-series is concerned

Have you ever thought of dangerous consequences of the social media work? They are hazardous indeed. Social media activity is just one instance of the interactions between the two worlds. The real life cases prove that its work leads to violence and very often to murders.
The host of this show is penetrating into cases that happen to real people. There are also reenactments, as well as interviews with witnesses and various experts in different spheres in the series.

Getting into particulars

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In order to make you sure that the show is conveying a poignant idea of nowadays, let’s mention some of these cases.
In one of the episodes, we got to know the story of a teenage boy beaten and burned by his former girlfriend and her pals while in another part we followed an online date that led to murder.

Ratings and chances of renewal

The series ratings are not as good as they have been expected. The average viewership comprising a little bit more than 0.2 million watchers is what we have now. The scoring on IMDb signifies, however, that the series has great chances of renewal. It constitutes 7.0 points out of 10 specifically.
Taking into consideration the idea of the series that is set to raise awareness among the members of the modern society, we should conclude that it is much probable that we are going to watch new episodes in February 2017.
Yet still, we are left in the cold to wait for any kind of news from the series developers. Let’s hold out hope that the #killerpost season 2 release date is around the corner, as well as the announcement of the revival, as the loyal followers need this info as nothing else on Earth. Follow us in order to stay informed of any changes in the situation with the project.


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