Kids Baking Championship Season 4

Competition does not mean always a cutthroat battle. Here it is the case of a kind friendly nature where talented children are just showing their stuff. Financed by Triage Entertainment, the reality story got its broadcast opportunity on Food Network in 2015. The latest season air date is January 2, 2017. As for the fate of the fourth installment, we have so far nothing to please you with including Kids Baking Championship season 4 release date and there is no wondering why.

A Bit Different From Other Culinary Competitions

Kids Baking Championship Season 4 Release Date
As kids are involved in the cast, it would be like committing a grave error to think that a harsh race is waiting for us there. Nothing of the sort! It is a more of an enriching nature rather than of a competitive one. It infuses many useful moral things into young audiences. As for instance, the necessity to help and support each other appears as one of the greatest ideas conveyed.
To get into some particulars the concept of the show offers, we should better concentrate our attention on the participants. Their age ranges from 9 to 13 years. There are twelve of them in the so-called fight where in fact the contestants sometimes assist each other and share supplies. Nevertheless, the main prize is supposed to be given to a winner and judges are criticizing the participants of the show when it is needed.
Though tasks are easier variants of those we can find in adults-oriented culinary competitions, children find themselves applying as much creativity as they capable of. There are spring break-themed challenges, candy-based desserts, lunchbox desserts, and many others in this childish but very kind-hearted show hosted by Duff Goldman and Valerie Bertinelli.
Kids Baking Championship Season 4 Release Date

Favorably Received

The series boasts decent rating figures and surely it is a deserved achievement considering its concept. The third season premiere garnered 1.5 million people. The sequential broadcast brought the viewership of 1.3 million viewers per each new episode. However, this slight decline cannot be the reason for cancellation.
Nothing has been uttered as for the renewal and the very fourth season release date but this is just a matter of time. The channel will certainly inform us as soon as the decision is made. Follow us!


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