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A long-running show under the name “Kendra on Top” features the mundane everyday life of the title character who is considered to be by the way an ex-model of Playboy. The serial is on the run now so there is nothing to say yet about the possibility of the renewal.

Basic production info you need to be aware of if you the serial follower

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Kendra on Top makes for the US project that features the life of an ex-model of Playboy named particularly Kendra Wilkinson.
The debut of the pioneer season was held approximately four years ago. Currently, the loyal following is in possession of five entire seasons with the recent one debuting in this past April. So the serial is now broadcast on its original home channel referred to as WE tv.
The fabrication issues turn to be entrusted to Prometheus Entertainment. The serial is shot in Los Angeles. A large number of star guests appear constantly in the show, as for instance Caitlyn Jenner, Jaleel White, Barry Williams and Dean Cain.

What is depicted in the storyline?

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Being famous for her working in the popular magazine for adults titled “Playboy”, Kendra is reckoned to be a central person in this serial. She took part also in such hit show as “The Girls Next Door”.
But let’s turn to this exact project. The thing is that here all her life activities come for portrayal including the relationships with her spouse named Hank Baskett, her enterprise, and the status of a mother. She needs to juggle all these duties. She copes with this task brilliantly in fact becoming a good example for women who are afraid of becoming independent personalities yet very tender and loving partners to their second halves.
Surely, she cannot manage to solve all everyday issues without the immediate assistance of her partner. Together they make their best to recover from all troubles life offers to them, for instance a serious car accident and Hank’s turning from an NFL football player into a businessman.
This project is considered to be a spinoff of the serial in which Kendra was also participating during the timeframe 2009 and 2011. That reality show was broadcast, however, on another entertaining channel called E!. This network refrained then from the idea of this project stating they would follow a completely another direction in their programming.

As far the as feasibility of the renewal is concerned

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The serial is considered to be a pretty successful project which is evaluated in about 7 million viewers per episode since 2012, thus, from the very beginning of the broadcast. So the loyal following of the preceding show on E! seems to catch the story here on We tv.
With the fifth season being broadcast currently, there is nothing to say possibly about the resumption of the story. We cannot hope also to get acknowledged also about the Kendra on Top season 6 release date. But it doesn’t mean that we should not keep abreast of the situation in order to notify you timely about the coming news concerning this project.


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