Kate Plus 8 Season 5

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General Overview

It’s a reality TV project created in the USA. The center of it is Kate Gosselin with her big family of 8 children. The airing started on the 4th of April 2007 on Discovery Health Channel. Then the show was pushed to TLC. It’s one of the most popular projects on the channel – the first episode of the 5th season was watched by about 10 million viewers. The series was originally named Jon&Kate Plus 8, but due to complex family matters the title had to be changed to Kate Plus 8. There are 9 seasons with 181 episodes of the project in general. The series is produced by Bill Hayes and Jennifer Stocks. Edited by Joshua Steadman, Keith Shea and Stacie Schwarz.
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Kate Plus 8 series started its first season under the new title on the 6th of June. So, shall we wait for the 5th season to be aired?

The Format and the Family

The show follows everyday life of its main heroine – Kate Gosselin. She passes through lots of life’s complications connected both with her professional, romantic and family life. And yes, she’s got eight children. For the first five seasons, Kate Plus 8 was one of the high rated projects on TLC. IN the very beginning, the show was named Jon&Kate plus Eight. However, in the final episode of 2009 season Kate divorced with her husband Jon and the producers were force to change the title to Kate Plus 8. Then the show centered attention on Kate as a divorced mother of eight children.
The Family:
Kate Plus 8 Season 5 Promo

  • Katie "Kate" Irene Gosselin
  • Jonathan "Jon" Keith Gosselin
  • Cara Nicole
  • Madelyn "Mady" Kate
  • Alexis Faith
  • Hannah Joy
  • Aaden Jonathan
  • Collin Thomas
  • Leah Hope
  • Joel Kevin

Kate Plus 8 Season 5 Cast

Release Date Info

The fourth season of the renamed project started on the 8th of December 2015. The producers say nothing to the cancellation of the project itself, but they also don’t give official info on the release date of the 5th season. The show is a non-scripted one and no one can predict what turn of fate will this family get in the future. Stay tuned and share your news in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe to updates!


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