Kart Life Season 2

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General Overview

Kart Life is a brand new project of the American television. It was aired on truTV and is considered to be a documentary with real people participating in it. It was produced by Bodega Pictures. The executive producers are Josh Ackerman, Benjamin Nurick, Zachary Werner, Pete Tartaglia and Lucy Treadway. The premiere episode was shown on January 28, 2015. The first season was made up of 10 episodes.
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Watch kids driving their karts and their parents making them become professional racing kart drivers. This documentary shows that girls can deal with karts and high speed as well as boys can. Watch the brave kids becoming the stars of the world of racing.

Plot summary and the participants

Kart Life is about speed, unbelievable records and for those who feel no fear facing dangers, strong rivals and intense competitions. A group of highly professional kart drivers will show you how it works making their dreams come true with a speed of 70 mph. The series is filled with strong emotions, tears of happiness and tremendous family drama.
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The participants of the show are Gio Bromante, John Bromante, Stacey Bromante, Chloe Brun-Wibaux, Francois Brun-Wibaux, Rondell Brun-Wibaux, Sasha Brun-Wibaux, David Malukas, Henry Malukas, Nikki Malukas, Ryan Norberg, Wes Philips, Nolan Ruocco, Dylan Tavella, Phil Tavella, Ryan Tavella and Shirley Tavella.

Interesting facts and opinions

The show turned out to be truly unusual. It’s a competitive real life documentary show with whole families participating in it (including the kids). The families take part in different racing competitions driving professional karts at high speed sharing real emotions. High speed mixed with drama with kids competing for the racing world’s acceptance.
Kart Life Season 2 Cast

What about the eighth season?

The producers and the directors are yet to renew or cancel this show, there’s no exact info on the beginning of the second season. It actually was very successful, but it wasn’t originally planned for several seasons and all we have to do is to wait looking forward to positive news!


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