Just Jillian Season 2

A freshman serial in the form of the reality show titled “Just Jillian” is now on the edge of cancellation due to some unexpected low ratings. So the creators of the show are compelled now to make a certain kind of decision concerning this project. Keep in the know together with us.

Brief outline

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The US channel packed with mainly entertaining shows has launched a new reality show this year if to be more exact in the midst of January.  This fresh brand enlarges on the life on-goings both of personal and professional nature of Jillian Michaels serving as an experienced fitness trainer and life coach for those who is willing to lose weight.
A couple of production studios have embarked on implementing the idea of this show. So expectations were quite high in fact. The team of executives is spearheaded also by the principal character depicted in the show, the one and the only Jillian Michaels.

What is depicted here in particular?

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As we have already acknowledged you, the host of this reality show is reckoned to be Jillian Michaels, a trainer, a mother of two charming kids (a boy Phoenix and a girl Lukensia), and also a founder of a brand that includes training videos, various books with advice how to train, fashion lines and much more in fact. She also worked on the project titled “The Biggest Loser” for about a decade.
But here she is depicted not only from the professional point bit also from the private one. So she is portrayed juggling her career with family issues which also of a vital importance to her indeed. Though she seems to be a superhero, it is not in fact like that. The fact is that she is a real person who in possession of her own problems, trials, and tribulations with which she attempts to cope not without the assistance of her family members specifically helped by her partner Heidi.
The open-minded yet very sensitive TV star gets involved in a large number of miscellaneous situations sometimes pretty hilarious and often quite disappointing that includes stressful moments.

Has the newcomer obtained its loyal following?

Just Jillian Season 2 Cast
High expectations haven’t been met while the run of the pioneer episodes, unfortunately. So the developers of the reality show face a great problem, particularly a considerably average viewership in comparison with other projects broadcast on E!.  In order not to eat around the bush, let’s just define this number nothing that it is fluctuating between 0.4 and 0.5 million watchers.
So the question of the possibility of the future resumption appears. How would the creators shape the fate of the project? Only time can now show the reply. So far as the matter stands, we should just arm ourselves with patience in order to wait until the Just Jillian season 2 release date appears or the cancellation of the project comes. So let’s keep looking forward to the news no matter whether they are issued to disappoint us or satisfy our willing to follow the reality show.


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