Judge Geordie Season 2

As an addition to the programming list of MTV UK, the series under the title “Judge Geordie” serves to provide us with various family stories. The host of the show is to help other people to save their relationships. The resumption for the second part has not been so confirmed but we are waiting for the verdict.

Brief review of the newcomer on MTV UK

The series sunder the title “Judge Geordie” is another portion of TV shows that are accomplishing a very important social part. Let’s turn, however, to the concept a little bit later and now as for production and broadcast issues.
Judge Geordie Season 2 Poster
The series airing is a matter of concern for the MTV UK channel in Great Britain. The broadcast was held at the start of the previous summer. The current number of episodes equals twelve. The scoring on IMDb constitutes 4.8 out of 10. So, the series is not popular but still has loyal followers.
As for the immediate creators, here we are dealing with Vicky Pattison, the developer, as well as the host of this show. She noted for her appearance in such projects as Geordie Shore and The Only Way Is Essex. Last year, she left Geordie Shore and embarked on creating this one under discussion.

What are the concept and the idea?

Vicky Pattison is to play the part of reincarnating family ties traveling all over the country. She is eager to save families from divorce. That is her mission. And it is rather inspiring and motivating, isn’t it?
It is the easiest way to follow when something goes wrong in your relationships to leave everything forever in order to make a fresh start. But is it really a right way? No matter, where you are going, you are carrying yourself with you all the time. You should keep this idea in mind every time you will decide to break a heart of your partner.
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Surely, we need changes greatly in our life when it is felt that we are dissatisfied with it. Nevertheless, these changes should be made within us at first. We should not leave everything just at once. We should at least try to understand our partner and make a step forward to this person in order to feel the feedback and then a mutual understanding growing between you two.
In this show, the host provides the characters with useful possible solutions of their problems being always on the side of saving relationships.

When can we expect the release of another chapter?

The question is, however, whether the project has its future wrapped up in the following episodes. Currently, the situation is such that we are unaware of any piece of info regarding the fate of this show that in on a mission of vital importance – to save married couples from divorce.
As the revival is questionable, we are not under the illusion that the Judge Geordie season 2 release date will appear in the near future. First of all, the renewal should be confirmed. Stay tuned in order to be notified about any changes in the situation with the project in the nick of time.


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