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Only the true connoisseurs of quality vehicles are capable of understanding all the tremendous work being done by the cast of the new show Joyride, which was not long ago presented on Esquire Network channel. The season premiere was a real gift for those who love various up-grades of automobiles and like watching test drives and other activities that professional masters are engaged in. The first part of this series has ended recently, but the show has become popular among the large number of viewers and authors today often get the same question: when will renewed Joyride season 2 debut? Release date of the next new episode hasn’t been officially mentioned on the Internet. Anyway, the coming of the following season start is being awaited with excitement, and the crew of creators will definitely take it into account.
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Authors and Producers

The pilot season release date was presented to the public on November 15, 2016. This part of Joyride consisted of six episodes, and the running time of each of them is about 30 minutes.
The show is developed by the crew of executive producers responsible for the next season start. They are:

  • Ellen Rakieten;
  • Tom Forman;
  • Tony Yates;
  • Jon Beyer.

The hosts of the program are people well-known to the whole world:

  • T-Pain, an American rapper;
  • Actress from the US Mischa Barton;
  • Brian Vickers, famous for his car racing career;
  • A British actor Oliver Trevena.

The company which is likely to distribute the new season and to organize its return on the screens is Critical Content; the channel which is sure to present the next season air date in case of its renewal is Esquire Network.
Joyride Season 2 Cast

Plot Peculiarities

The members of the new project are committed to looking for ideal machine samples in a variety of categories. These are famous muscle cars, trucks, cars of a certain age and so on. The team is testing a particular vehicle very carefully, and after a detailed study of all the technical characteristics of a specific auto reaches a verdict. The atmosphere of the program is very friendly and cheerful, the crew of the hosts copes with the entertainment of viewers and at the same time demonstrates fine examples of automotive engineering, many of which have become legends.

Prospects for Continuation

The last episode of Joyride was presented not long ago, and there is still no any definite and finale data concerning an exact time of the renewal. The project has gained many positive feedbacks from both experienced drivers and just lovers of quality shows. Stay tuned to be aware of when new season two will air and find out the schedule of upcoming episodes not to miss the long-awaited continuation.


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