Join or Die with Craig Ferguson Season 2

Are you interested in the history of humanity? If yes, this amusing program is for you. Here you will find yourself submerging into discussions of various questions related to this field in a very atmospheric manner. Craig Ferguson leads these talks together with various celebrities serving as guests. The show is new and is yet to be revived for the sophomore cycle.

Following some main issues on the project

As the title suggest, we are to deal with the show which host is the one and the only Craig Ferguson, a comedian who is famous for various projects involving Late Late Show on CBS that has been broadcasted for about ten years.
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As for this one show, it is a newcomer on the History Channel in the USA. The idea is a promising one and that is the guarantee for the show to become a settler as well as Late Late Show.
Comedy Dynamics, Green Mountain West, and Lionsgate TV are the fabrication studios of the project.
The premiere has bene held this year, particularly in February. The first premiere is the latest so far but we are expecting the launch of the second one.

Entertaining and insightful in one pack

The series concept lies in that numerous guests are coming to the studio in order to have an insightful talk with the host of the show. The variety of celebrities is magnificent including Elijah Wood, Julie Bowen, Jason Bigs, Jimmy Kimmel, Judd Apatow, Joel McHale, Jay Leno, and many others. They are – scientists, actors, comedians and people of various other professions. All of them are united in having an interesting outlook on life in one way or another.
What do they discuss? The most important issues of the history of the humanity, specifically. Among concrete agendas, we can point out those related to political blunders, most horrible medical advice, most bizarre cults, most terrible tyrants, and a lot of others. The zest of the show is in the frivolous manner in which such serious questions are discussed. And this attracts people as nothing else, in fact.
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Show reception

The series has only one season under its belt, as well as 22 episodes with the duration of each one constituting half an hour. The feedback is rather favorable though the amount of viewers that have been gathering in front of TV sets while the release of another episode is not so large. While the launch of the pioneer part, the series garnered about 0.7 million people. Starting from the second episode, we were to deal with the viewership that hardly reached 0.5 million watchers.

Renewal predictions

Still, these figures provide us with a hope that the second chapter will appear next year, and we hope in February as well. The chance is thus high and we can nothing to worry about so far.
The Join or Die with Craig Ferguson season 2 release date is yet to be determined surely. Check back with us subscribing to our service if you follow the aim to obtain info in the nick of time.


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