Jep and Jessica: Growing the Dynasty Season 2

This new project on the A&E channel hails from the beloved Duck Dynasty franchise. Here Jep, Jessica, and their five children are the immediate center of narration. Are you surprised with the amount of kids?
The cast of children includes:

  • Lily,
  • Merritt,
  • Priscilla,
  • River.

Jep and Jessica: Growing the Dynasty Season 2 Poster
Well, apart from them, there is one new member in their family named Jules, an adopted charming small boy.
For what reasons have they decided to adopt a child? After four caesarean operations, the fifth one is impossible. In such a way, a boy has obtained his family. It took the entire year to bring this child home, by the way. Yet they have managed to complete this deal.

Some Production and Release Issues

The studio that has created the show is the same as in the case of the original project – Gurney Productions. The first season release date is January 20, 2016. It seems that it is high time to announce something at least, as almost a year has passed since the freshman season premiere. What is the series future? When will a new episode of the next installment appear?
So far, the developers are tight-lipped about all these issues, much to the regret of the whole fan base of the Duck Dynasty franchise. The Jep and Jessica: Growing the Dynasty season 2 release date remains unknown.

Great Ideas Conveyed

The series has a magnificent social value. It transpires the family values, the need to make something good, for example, providing a child abandoned by its biological parents with home and warmth of care.
Jep and Jessica: Growing the Dynasty Season 2 Cast
Surely, one cannot go through life without having a certain portion of challenges. This is also referred to families. They accept them with dignity and humor and are always together to resolve them.
The extension takes place also, as the main characters often come to the family of Jep’s brother composing of Willie, his spouse Korie, and their six children with three of them being their own biologically. The matters concerning the adoption are pivotal in the first several episodes, and Willie and Kory are the experienced ones when it comes down to them having already three adopted children taken under their wing.
All together, they form a close-knit social unit that inspires us to love our family members, as they are, despite all misunderstandings, quarrels, etc. Regretfully, it is a rare phenomenon being brought to screens. It should be kept broadcasting, consequently.

Making a Short Conclusion

To sum it up, the series has a strong potential renewal. Thus, we should stay tuned for the near appearance of data regarding the revival, as well as the second season air date.
Keep your ears out for more info, as it can be around the corner. Share also your general impressions from the spinoff commenting on below!


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