Jade Fever Season 3

The relatively new shoe on Discovery Canada is waiting for the verdict concerning its future. Will the third installment take place ever? We think yes, as the program is noted for rather high ratings with the opinions of ordinary watchers being quite favorable. The audience seems to feel anticipation about the third season.

Short outline of the whole project

What should we know about this project in fact? It is a regular TV series wrapped up in the format of a documentary that chronicles the life of one family.
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The creation of the story is behind David Gullason and Jeffrey Kinnon. The executives here are Michael Chechik, David Gullason, Brian Hamilton and Gabriela Schonbach. All of them are working in the fabrication studio called Omnifilm Entertainment.
The series broadcast is a responsibility of the Discovery CA network. The first release was held in March 2015 with the subsequent revival for the sophomore cycle about which we will talk a little bit later.

Is it a regular reality story about the family life?

The focus of this story is the lives of the Bunce family consisting of Robin and Claudia. They are working in harness with their business partner named Alain.
The series is not about their personal sides of life but about their business matters. They are in possession of several pieces of land in British Columbia together with Alain. What for, you can ask. Their aim is to find jade in this area in order to make a fortune specifically.
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They should follow this way, as they should pay off their loans pursuing to live in comfortable conditions.
For several recent years, prices for gemstone jade in China have increased considerably. Additionally, it is hard to find jade. Harsh weather conditions, as well as heavy equipment – all these and much more, seem to be against our characters. But they are strong enough in order achieve their goal.

What is going on in the latest season?

The latest season has premiered in February 2016 on Discovery CA as well. Sixteen new episodes have been given to the anticipated audience thus in this past spring.
In this installment, the suspense and drama are growing, as well as financial problems of the characters. Their charismatic manner of talking and frequent disagreements only add fuel to the fire in the real life story.

Ratings and reviews

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This TV show is noted for rather high ratings. The scoring on IMDb, for instance, constitutes 7.3 points out of 10. For such a show, it is more than enough in order to keep pace and get renewed for the following installments.
As far as the renewal is concerned, we have not data concerning this but as the chances are great, we expect the emergence of positive news moving closer to the end of this year and the start of the following one.
The Jade Fever season 3 release date is unknown certainly so far. Follow the situation together with us and you will get informed just in time.


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