It`s Not Rocket Science Season 2

It’s Not Rocket Science is a new British show that airs on the ITV channel since the start of this year. The first season release date is February 16, 2016. No news of the series future is heard. Will the second season premiere be arranged ever?
The science-based show is created by ITV Studios and the cast of executives composed of John Kaye Cooper and Kalpna Patel-Knight. The whole presentation is possible thanks to Ben Miller, Romesh Ranganathan, and Rachel Riley.

As for the Concept

It's Not Rocket Science Season 2 Cast
The way everything is shown can either terrify you or inspire. In any case, the surprise is guaranteed. The premiere of the freshman installment was dedicated to the various challenges that the hosts of the show were ready to cope with, as they were sure in their powers and their knowledge of physics. Riley went through the scorching fire, while Ranganathan was hanging above the pool with crocodiles via the power of vacuum cleaner.
These hazardous experiments are set to provide the audience with knowledge of science and make people more educated. The insightful show has presented many other experiments in the first installment yet what is known about the ratings? Is the show so popular? How has it been received? Let’s get to this issue much closer.

Are the Results Disappointing?

Unfortunately, the opening broadcast of the series has not brought the expected results. The investments were great yet the audience did not pay much attention to the show.
As for now, the score on IMDb equals 6.5 points out of 10. It is a bit bigger than the average result yet disappointing for the developers. The viewership of each new episode was dropping throughout the course of the freshman run from 2.1 million watchers to below 1 million during the finale.
Concluding from the opinions of reviewers, the series has nothing serious for adult watching. The majority refer the project to the slate for children. What adults can find in this program is the amusement only. The goal of the priority is to impress watchers but not to explain things behind the experiments. This is the sad verdict of the audience, as it is.

Mysterious Future

When will the verdict be rendered? Will the second season air date be ever exposed? These issues remain still open for answering until the official news comes off. Stay tuned for any kind of info together with our service. Keep your nose to the wind if you are a loyal follower of the project and wait for the supposedly near exposal of the It’s Not Rocket Science season 2 release date!


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