Island Life Season 6

A number of people constantly dream of serene life on a tropical island. The majority thinks that this significant change in life my result in numerous troubles, especially financial ones. Island Life reality project shows that everything is possible, no matter who you are and where you live. The cast and talented hosts (professional real estate agents) will demonstrate how easy it can be to move to a faraway land smothered in blue ocean waves and greenery of palm trees.
You’ll be provided with a number of tips on how to realize your dream being able to fit your budget. You’ll see a number of dwellings – from ultra-affordable to extremely chic and outrageous. Every family deserves a paradise, a materialized dream. When you truly wish for it, you’ll get it and HGTV channel all together with its expert hosts knows it!
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Season 5

The fifth season of the project has already demonstrated several touching stories with new participant making their dream a reality. For example:
Mike and Kendra, a happily marries couple, got jobs on Daniel Island. They’re not alone – they’ve got two kids and they’re going to take them to their new place. Besides, it’s not only about new job – their first aim is to enjoy magnificent beaches and similar and quite lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of big cities.
A family leaves Austin taking their dog named Duck with them. They’re willing to start their eternal beach holidays in their personal tropical paradise on Ono Island, Alabama. They’re in search of a condo, providing that they could keep boats somewhere. They need many bedrooms because they are planning to often meet with friends that already live there. The house should be spacious enough to place a drum set.
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A big and active family is searching for a house on the beach on South Padre Island situated on the territory of Texas. They want to devote as much time as possible to outdoor lifestyle.
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6th Season Release Date

HGTV channel is truly island crazy. Every season premiere of Island Life attracts millions of dreamers getting them stuck to TV screens.  The channel has ordered 28 episodes of the series. The show now is in its 5th season and the sixth one will be aired next year. The fans shouldn’t get worried about the cancellation and wait for the 6th season air date announced.


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