Iron Resurrection Season 2

What can we now say about the fate of the Iron Resurrection season 2? So far, nothing is exposed in fact. Therefore, there is the only one way out – to make suppositions. The greatness of the idea may win over and the series will be renewed. This positive way of thinking is the best decision while waiting for the official news about the show future.

Main Aspects of the Show

The Iron Resurrection reality show is a new brand show for those who are in love with cars, trucks, and other vehicles. The series premiere is dated back to the recent past – April 2016. The broadcast is arranged on Velocity in the USA.
Iron Resurrection Season 2 Poster
The automotive show is created by executives from Discovery Studios with Rob Kent and Peter Neal serving as leaders of the production crew.
Currently, the show includes six episodes but we are waiting for the news about the series revival for the second installment.

What is the Focal Point?

Vehicle renovation is the theme of this project where the crew of professionals who know their onions when it comes down to breathing a new life into cars, trucks, and other moving things embarks on a very interesting yet busted case each time.
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What are names of these superheroes? They are genius mechanic Joe Martin and his team – Shorty, Jason, Mike, Manny, and Pompa. The assistants there are reckoned to be Joe’s wife Amanda and his best friend Jayson “Shag” Arrington.
This crew is traveling over the country in the search of the busted vehicles from which they are aiming to create true masterpieces. Each vehicle has its story that is presented on the show also. Thus, it is not only entertaining in its core but also insightful.

Offering Some Specifics on the Show

The freshman season has turned to show to us various objects for renovation. Among them, there are those that can tackle your interest most of all – a classic 1962 Chevy Stepside truck, a 1964 Lincoln Continental, and a 1973 Pontiac Firebird. This is only the start of the list – there also many others in it.

Rating Figures and Renewal Potential

Iron Resurrection Season 2 Cast
Despite the exciting feature of the show idea, the series turns to be not as popular as it has been expected. The series viewership constituted about 0.3 million watchers during the release of three first episodes.
The show can boast only a 0.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic. Nevertheless, the optimistic vision of the situation is retained when it comes to making suppositions about the series future.
As of today, nothing has been exposed regarding it though it is high time to do this. It is possible that the resumption will be confirmed in the near future, as well as the Iron Resurrection season 2 release date will be revealed. The latter one specific on the project can become known only getting closer to spring 2017.
Let’s keep our chins up and wait for the positive verdict of the team of creators. Follow us and you will be always in the swim!


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