Iron & Fire Season 2

Iron & Fire is a reality TV series about blacksmiths created and released in the USA. The release was carried out by History Channel with the first season release date on the 11th of April 2016. Iron & Fire season 2 release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the show is still on.


Every new episode of Iron & Fire follows Daniel Casey and life of his family and friends. All of them deal with a very successful business in Arkansas. They recreate numerous historic weapons for enthusiasts and collectors with raw steel and timber using exceptional, traditional methods of crafting and classic tools. Daniel Casey is a skillful and experienced blacksmith, probably, one of the most famous in the USA. His masterpieces can be found in various museums all over the world. Daniel Casey and his team make up a flawless workmanship.
Iron & Fire Season 2 date release


  • Daniel Casey. Wanted to become a blacksmith since childhood. When he was 12, he started making his own knives. At 14, he was learning new skills at Hershel House in order to turn into a professional blacksmith. For now, forging knives, guns and rifles is his every day job that he’s fond of. He deals only with traditional ways of crafting to get hos perfect pieces of work. Daniel lives in Romance, Arkansas together with Chelsey, his wife and Wesley, his son.
  • Iron & Fire Season 2

  • Charlie Casey. When he was 23, he went out on a journey around the USA. He worked numerous jobs and was a salesman of vacuum cleaners, a machinist and a representative of customer service. His spirit is restless and he’s unable to stay at one place for a long time. Today he works together with his brother Daniel and learns blacksmithing trade.
  • Jonathan Kulik. The U.S. Army veteran. He has always been dreaming to work with Daniel (his uncle) at the blacksmith shop. He adores woodworking and shapes perfect rifle stocks and handles for knives. Besides, he creates penny whistles and flutes. He’s got a wife and a daughter.
  • Joe Casey. The father of the family. The U.S. Marine Corps veteran. Together with Janie, his wife, the managed to raise eight children. Joe is educated, disciplined, and reliable.
  • Iron & Fire Season 2

  • Bob Thatcher. Knows all highways and back roads of rural areas of Arkansas. His friends often call him Ozarks MacGyver. He is acquainted to a very large number of people in the area and he knows where to get anything that Daniel may need for his work.

2nd Season Air Date

We will tell you more about Iron & Fire Season 2 when History Channel announces further news for the show. For now, the series hasn’t been canceled. You’ll be notified about the revival.

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