Intervention: Codependent Season 2

Being already a recovered addict, Kristina Wandzilak starts helping people, the couples specifically, to go through the rehab. The freshman season has been given a spring start this year. What is the future of the project? Can it be renewed for the second season?

Briefly About the TV Show

The series under discussion is a spinoff of the Intervention. The reality show has been airing on the LMN channel since March 2016. Now only the freshman installment is available for viewing and the resumption has not been confirmed.
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Asylum Entertainment serves as a company behind the production. The team of executives includes such names as Jonathan Koch, Stephanie Pearlman, Ryann Lauckner, Steven Michaels, Peter Tarshis, Krysta Beth Heidman-Weatherby, Stephanie Lydecker, Laura Fleury, and Jennifer Wagman.

Following the Concept

The series revolves around the work of Kristina Wandzilak, as she serves as a family interventionist assisting pairs to get out of the crisis, as they go through the spiral of love and addiction intertwined.
The therapy is arranged separately for each one in a couple. This is made for achieving the best results of the rehab. Surely, it is difficult decision to make. It demands maximum courage and commitment.

Some More Specifics on the Show

In the pioneer episode, for instance, we come to follow the attempts of Paige and Alex, a couple struggling with a number of drug charges, as their codependent relationships are fueled by drugs.
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In order to leave this devil circle, they should do their best and be stronger than they have ever been in their lives. Will they manage to make a fresh start getting rid of their addictions or not? Follow the first season and you will get to know this!
Each episode is devoted to a separate couple journey. Regretfully, not each pair turns to start its life anew. Well, be ready also for a sad outcome.

Ratings and Chances of Renewal

What is the response of the audience towards this spinoff? Let’s start revising this question with defining a score on IMDB. Well, it equals 6.3 points out of 10 – rather middling yet sufficient to produce the project further, is not it? This result can be reckoned as only an orienting point when following the success of the broadcast due to the insignificant number of reviewers who have evaluated the series on the website. Thus, it is not much indicative of the public opinion towards the show.
The chances of the renewal should be high for the reason of the actual social importance of the project. It is crucial that these issues are discussed on television, among other media platforms. Thus, it would be wise enough to continue delivering this theme to the audience.
So far, nothing has been said of the series future, unfortunately. Yet we are almost sure that the project will be renewed in the near future. Stay tuned with us for updates related to this socially important TV project!


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