Ink Master Season 8

This article will tell about the TV-show, which for the past seven seasons has been one of the most popular programs on American television. Fans of the series have recently received great news: the creators officially decided to extend the show for another season, which will be the eighth. “Ink Master” season 8 was released on August 23, 2016 and this date was finally affirmed by “Spike TV”, the famous New-York television network, which is responsible for the show.

Brief Review

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“Ink Master” is an American reality-show based on the elimination system. The premiere of the series on Spike TV was on 17th, January 2012, and in season 1 each episode lasted for about 41 – 42 minutes, but in the latest season the time was extended to one hour. The basis of the program is a competition among the masters of artistic tattoo, who get certain tasks from judges and carry them out, enhancing their skills and perfecting the art of tattoo. The participants of the show are both amateurs and professional masters, and in each episode the members of the team say goodbye to one of them. Winning the show does not come easy, but the prize is rather worthy: the winner gets the title of Ink Master and the award of $ 100,000. This prize goes to only one participant from the 16, where one half consists of the veterans of the show, and the other is made up of newcomers.

Cast and Characters

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The original format of the show “Ink Master” is the product of the work of such outstanding executive producers like Glenda Hersh, Steven Weinstock and Andrea Richter. The main host and chief judge of all the seasons is Dave Navarro, and his co-hosts and top assistants in the eighth season are Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck, who understand the art of tattoo not worse than Dave.

Ratings and features of the TV-show

The premiere of the eighth season of “Ink Master” was scheduled for August 23, 2016. The first episode was viewed by an audience of 882,000 people, and a demo was 0.43. The second episode had less popularity (the number of viewers was 543,000, demo rating – 0.27). According to verified data, the editors of the show have received many letters from disappointed viewers who complained about too many dramatic moments and almost full absence of work with tattoos.
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In their opinion, most of the judges have their own favorites, and all the struggles become useless as the result is known in advance. If this fact is true, then it is certainly an unpleasant fact, because the very idea of the series is very unusual, and a small amount of episodes directly connected with the skill of the tattoo shows some regression.
Anyway, the audience of “Ink Master” is still very high. If the concept of the program is reviewed and the work with the tattoo once again becomes its main task, dissatisfied viewers probably will change their minds and return to their screens, increasing the rating to the previous level. At the moment, it’s known that the eighth season is not the last, which shows the popularity and demand for the show on television.


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