Income Property Season 12

It’s a show about home improvement presented by Scott McGillivray. First season premiere episode was released on the 29th of September 2008.
The host of the show is Scott McGillivray – an experienced and highly successful real estate agent.  He communicates with numerous homeowners leading them through renovation processes after buying of their new property. He actively participates in working on mortgage payments and in increasing of general home value. Every episode of the project is devoted to design options, conversion plans and a ton of other stuff connected with housing and renovations. Scott also deals with managing of rental suite construction.
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McGillivray has more than 20 homes constantly generating income. In the past, he spend much time on their renovation and conversion and now he demonstrates confidence and skills helping to a number of homeowners, leading them through troubles connected with renovation of their income suite.
The cast is constantly changing. The participants of the project aren’t only ordinary people. Income Property features a number of guest celebrity homeowners. Among the celebrities, there were Helene Joy, Justin Rutledge, Roz Weston and Jamie Kastner.


Original episodes lasted for half an hour. McGillivray gets acquainted to homeowners and evaluates the place he is going to work with. He suggests to the homeowners two ways of redevelopment. Special software for designers helps him demonstrate nice visual imagery. Every option suggests a possibility for investment return. McGillivray also has a share of mortgage payment of the homeowners. He does his best to provide a maximum low mortgage payment. One of the options usually allows the homeowner to get more rent income, but with a higher cost of renovation.
When the homeowners choose the option, the rebuild starts. The owners generally participate in the renovation process except for the final stages in order to provoke this dramatic surprise effect of the reality show.
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After the renovation is done, new home value is set all together with approximate rental income that the homeowners are going to get.
The 11th season focuses more on vacation rental market where Scott McGillivray guides the owners of holiday homes through the renovation steps.

12th Season Air Date

Unfortunately, we don’t know when will the 12th season start. Don’t forget to check for updates in order not to miss the new episode of season twelve.


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