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Unusual in its own way the British TV-series “In The Club” gained wide popularity since its release on the famous TV channel BBC One, and if initially it was rather aimed at a female audience, now it’s possible to say with confidence that men are watching it with great interest too. Many viewers ask: Is “In the Club” coming back for Series 3? Unfortunately the creators and producers of this project have not provided such information yet, but this article will tell about all the peculiarities of the show, its characters and rather an exciting plot.

Series Plot

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The program is a non-standard series, which first appeared on the channel BBC One on August 5, 2015. The show tells the story of six couples during the pregnancy who attend special classes on parenting and learn to be parents, preparing for the emergence of a new member in their family. The dramatic story of the series is diluted with a certain amount of humor, so the show will be appreciated not only by expectant mothers, but also by all the lovers of good jokes and entertainment.

Cast and Characters

The idea of creation of “In the Club” belongs to British Kay Mellor, who wrote the script of the first season in cooperation with her daughter Gaynor Faye. The executive producers of the show who are responsible for the release of new series are Kay Mellor and Polly Hill. The company which owns the rights to the series is Rollem Productions, which became popular largely due to the release of “In The Club”.
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Story of the Show and its Ratings

Not long ago, the second season of the show released on May 3, 2016 ended on BBC One. The interval between the first and second season was quite long, but it wasn’t connected with the lack of audience’s interest in the program. Both the seasons consists of 6 episodes, and the first episode of “In the Club” captured the attention of more than 5 million viewers, and towards the end this parameter rose to nearly 6 million. The average number of views of the second season was about 4.5 million, and in the final, this index grew to about 5 million. The program has received fairly good reviews from respected critics, which confirms its rating: on a popular website IMDB the series has a rating of 7.5, which is pretty good. Not all the TV-shows can boast of such a figure.
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The viewers were pleased with the atmosphere of the show, kind and sincere stories faced by couples, as well as the participants themselves, who were often very colorful and charismatic. Anyhow, there are also a few disadvantages pointed by the audience and critics. It’s worth noticing an excessive amount of dialogues, as well as very complex script, which sometimes was perceived with some kind of difficulty.
Despite an obvious success of “In the Club”, no information from the creators concerning the release date of the third season has been announced yet. If the series is extended, for the first time this news will appear on BBC One TV channel, which broadcasts all the episodes.


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