Impractical Jokers UK Season 4

As you see from the title, the series under discussion is a British version of the American beloved show where hidden cameras are exploited for the purposes of mocking at unsuspecting people by means of arranging special embarrassing situations.
Initially, the series has been launched on the BBC Three channel within the period between 2012 and 2014. After the release of two installments, in spring 2015 specifically, Comedy Central and Channel 5 chose the program for broadcast. The third season release date is considered August 2, 2016. Yalli Productions and the cast of its producers are responsible for creation.

Cast of Comedians and the Very Concept

As for now, the hosts of the show are comedians who have replaced the original members of the cast since the series settlement on another channel. Among them, there are Lee Griffiths, Matt Ralph, Paul Biggin, and David Moon. Their collaboration is a long-running one, on a side note.
These comedians are good performers who create various situations for ordinary people in parks, shopping centers, etc, and via hidden cameras, the reactions of them are shown.
Additionally, these comedians struggle for the best result in each round. Thus, someone from their team can become a losing joker. A certain punishment is waiting for any of them who become a loser in each new episode. This punishment is more unpleasant than their pranks on ordinary people.
Impractical Jokers UK Season 4 Spoiler

How has Britain Received the Adaptation?

The series seems to be the audience liking, for the general score on IMDb equals perfect 8.1 out of 10. The previous UK team for the first two seasons was not as welcome as we could have expected. According to some reviewers, they were lacking in that electricity and vividness that were peculiar for the crew on the American original version. Maybe, for this reason, the cast was changed afterward. We should just wait and see how this team is set to win the interest of viewers presenting the maximum of chemistry. Probably, they will, as they have been cooperating with each other for a long time before participating in this show.

No Renewal for the Next Season Premiere

When will the new chapter appear? Is the next season air date near in coming? Supposedly, the premiere can be scheduled for the next summer. Therefore, there is no waiting for the immediate exposal of the Impractical Jokers UK season 4 release date. Stay tuned for the predictably near revival for the subsequent premiere!


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