I`m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! Season 17


I`m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! is a TV reality serial, which was created in Great Britain. The season premiere was on August in the year of 2002 and now you can see the 17th season of it. The I`m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! 17 Season release date is the 17th of December in the year of 2016.


In that serial, you will see the brilliant cast, which will amaze you at all. Among the main characters such people will appear:

  • John Lehr.
  • Caitlyn Jenner.
  • Cris Judd.
  • Melissa Rivers.
  • Lou Diamond Phillips.
  • John Salley.
  • Downtown Julie Brown.

I`m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! Season 17 date release

The directors are Sam Buckley and Steve Beim. The producers are Gilda Brash, Corie Henson, Josh Figgs, Paul Osbourne, Sergio Miranda, Michael Brooks, Chris Brogden, Libby Riddle, Jason Dinsmore, Michael Pando, Dana Mitchell, Al Edgington, Ross Kaiman, John Saade, Jo Scarratt, Natalka Znak. The editors are John Oliver, Anthony Carbone, Mac Caudill, Andy Thomas, Derek McCants.
I`m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! Season 17


In the center of attention here appear 12 celebrities, which live together during the whole competition. Here you will see a jungle-set camp, which is located in Australia and for the next weeks it is their house. To begin with, we must mention, that the conditions for living in that place are awful, so the only one aim of that people is to become a winner as soon as possible. But to reach it, they must remain on the top all the time and they must become the queen or the king of the jungles.
I`m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! Season 17

Also, we must say, that the winner must make a donation on ITV. In this camp, all the competitors will struggle in different challenges, so they must be full of energy and health – that will help them to reach the best results ever.


This serial will be the best for people, who like adventures and wanted to see, how hard it is to live with the wild nature. The duration of one new episode can be different – from 60 till 105 minutes. And you will be very happy to see the serial, in which a lot of outstanding events will take place.

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