I’ll Have What Phil’s Having Season 2

This new brand show is aiming without any doubt to make your mouth water as in fact the serial under the title “I’ll Have What Phil’s Having” led by the one and the only   Phil Rosenthal presents a gastronomic show pursuing delicious food all around the world. As the matter stands the serial is yet to be resumed officially.

Necessary portion of information concerning the given TV show

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I’ll Have What Phil’s Having is basically a newcomer on the US television with the return of the one and the only host of “Everybody Loves Raymond” named in particular Phil Rosenthal. So this show is nothing but his feather in the cap.
At a present moment of being, we are in possession of only one chapter. It was opened as far back as in the previous year if to be more concrete at the very end of September. As a home channel, PBS TV network was chosen.

What is the very essence of this reality show?

The serial is to be surely dear to taste of those fans who take a keen interest in various delicacies. It is no recommended; however, to watch it on an empty belly as you take a risk to swallow your drool while watching. Then you will have nothing to do but to run to your kitchen in order to have a bite while advertising on the channel.
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So the essence of the show consists of making trips to various countries and cities all throughout the world in order to experience the most deviled and delicious meals the locals are proposing to the adventurers. These journeys are to be accomplished by the immediate creator of the show we have named already and some guest stars, as for instance Martin Short, Allison Janney, Larry Wilmore, Ray Romano, and a lot of others. Together they investigate not only special meals but also the very way of preparing this food including the cooking of ice cream by means of an special old machine in Italy.
The serial idea is quite obvious here. It urges us to make our own gastronomic adventures through the world exploring the traditions of local culinary culture (and not only culinary in fact).

What are the ranking of the show and the possibility of renewal?

I’ll Have What Phil’s Having Season 2 Cast
The gastronomic show in a very unusual format that excites viewers can’t just leave the admirers of such shows untouched. However, some negative reviews take place. According to not so favorable opinions towards the show, its production was a bit slick and expectations that were at a considerably high level were not met. In any case, the serial as well its idea is worth surely further developing in the form of sequential seasons. This fact cannot be doubted.
So far there is no information about the I’ll Have What Phil’s Having season 2 release date as well as about the possibility of the following renewal. But let’s hold out hope that the developers will be aiming to extend the amount of fans of the given show and will create the sophomore chapter. At least, there is still some time for developing it this year.


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