Ice Road Truckers Season 10

With the latest season of the TV show titled “Ice Road Truckers”, there exists no announcement of its future resumption though it seems like it is high time for the following statements coming from the developers of the show.


Ice Road Truckers Season 10 Poster
IRT that is short for Ice Road Truckers is reckoned to be a project that should intrigue people who take a keen interest in cars.
The serial was opened several years ago specifically in the middle of June 2007. The broadcast has been accomplished since then on the History Channel that is as you know full of TV shows in its programming list.
According to the current state of affairs with this project, the loyal following is in possession of 9 full installments. The most recent chapter was brought to airing at the beginning of the antecedent August.

What is the core of the story depicted?

The story in the serial revolves around courageous drivers of trucks whose work involves crossing the ice roads perched in the harsh cold territories of Canada chock-full of lakes that always freeze. There a trucking business is counted as the most profitable in its nature. The truckers deliver various supplies to the remote places crossing the ice roads lying on the frozen surface of lakes. Can you imagine what the thickness of this ice is that it can withstand the heavy weight of the trucker overloaded with supplies?
Their job is fully packed with risk to their life. But this is considered to be their main income and they don’t have any other variants but to embark every time on this hazardous journey. The level of drama is so high being joined also by the fierce struggle for becoming superior on this road but this desire to be the first one can lead to more difficulties.
The latest ninth season was shot specifically in Manitoba, Canada. The intensity of struggle seems to reach its peak here as the leading company sets off on a long trip to one of the wildest places of Canada, where nature is the controlling power and humans are reckoned to be nobody else but the slaves that should follow its rules. So people do not have any rights there living and working in severe weather conditions.

Will the exciting TV serial be renewed for the tenth chapter?

With its original story, the serial presents a true hit on History Channel being renewed at regular intervals. As the latest season is considered to be the most popular in spite of the considerably long duration of the whole project, we can suppose that we are going to enjoy at least one more season.
As the matter stands, there is no confirmation that the tenth installment should take place under any circumstances. So the developers doubt whether to continue its development or not. And this can be counted as quite dissatisfying news. But let’s refrain so far from all these suppositions and embark on monitoring the situation in order to obtain news about the Ice Road Truckers season 10 release date and surely concerning its resumption.


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