Ice Lake Rebels Season 3

One of the most popular documentary channels in the USA titled Animal Planet hasn’t yet to shape the future of the new project broadcast beginning from summer 2014 and named particularly “Ice Lake Rebels”. So let’s hold out hope that the renewal of this averagely evaluated serial is only a matter of time.

Brief outline of the project

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Ice Lake Rebels is basically a serial by American fabrication presented in the genre of reality TV show that features exciting yet hazardous adventures of a team composed both of men and women who attempt to pull through very uncomfortably life conditions that are offered by Canada’s Great Slave Lake.
The series is put to airing on its original home channel titled Animal Planet primarily in the middle of summer 2014. The project is fabricated specifically by This is Just a Test. The opening of the sophomore chapter was held in the middle of summer 2015.

What is the essence of the show?

The thing is that the group of brave people is facing life challenges each day of journey to the harsh and cold territories of north Canada. They are just compelled to bear this test proposed by Mother Nature to which they have come purportedly.
They are to cope with a variety of troubles they meet on their way. These difficulties are dreadful weather conditions, lack of food and water. What is considered to be the most hazardous is periods when water thaws and then freezes.
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They try boats as their asylum and home in order to evade paying taxes for land lending. So the serial is in summary about applying all those survival skills that a person can be in possession of.

The latest season debut and the current situation with ratings

First and foremost that should be mentioned is that the serial presents a useful guide for people of all ages that teaches us how to survive in the most severe conditions when a person turns to become the part of nature where there is no place for Internet, gadgets, power, food, water, and other necessities of modern life of people.
The latest season was opened with a team of courageous man and women attempting to protect boat from being destroyed by winds. The crew of the show participants comes to be enriched with new members named Kyle and Peyton who are to build their floating house in the wild neighborhood of the north part of Canada.
As for the rating numbers, they are quite average. On IMDb, the scoring constitutes practically 7 points from 10. This can referred to as an obviously good chance of the appearance of the new season.
Ice Lake Rebels Season 3 Cast

When can we expect the launch of another chapter?

With average scoring at hand, the developers of the given show are now hesitating whether to continue the project or not. There is no doubting that the serial is worth further development. And we have nothing to do but to hope that the creators will make their choice in favor of the serial.
So while waiting for the Ice Lake Rebels season 3 release date as well as for the announcement about the renewal, it is highly recommended to monitor the situation together with us in order to obtain data straight from the horse’s mouth.


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