Ice Cold Gold Season 4

As far as the project under the title “Ice Cold Gold” is concerned, we are dealing with some doubts concerning the very feasibility of the serial resumption for the fourth season with the ratings being unexpectedly low.

Production issues

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Spearheaded by such production studio as Moxie Pictures, the entertaining TV show under the title “Ice Cold Gold” presents basically a reality story that revolves around the team of the company called Sixty Degree Resources consisting of eight people whose goal is to attempt striking gold in the severe region of Greenland.
The premiere of the pioneer season took place on the US channel called Animal Planet in spring 2013. The latest installment has gladdened us with its emergence at the beginning of March in the preceding year.

What story comes here for depiction?

As we have already noted, the serial is set in Greenland, a territory in which severe cold weather conditions are reigning. The warmest season lasts her for about two months only. The remaining part of the year is distinguished by freezing temperatures.
But this seems to be not a great impediment to the participants of this particular show who are striving to find the treasures counting in gold ledges hidden under the surface of ice.  It is obvious that they chose this short two-months summer and embark on their search.
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While the show is running, these courageous people are mining valuable gems and metals but their very purpose should lie under the surface where no person have ever been before them.
As the matter stands, their ambitions are not restricted to becoming wealthier than they are now. Together they should also form a close-knit community. Only in such a way they can cope with all these troubles Mother Nature is proposing to them in the form of rockslides and arctic storms, to predators and isolation fever.

As far as the ranking is concerned

Being referred to the survival show, the serial comes to be rated with unexpectedly low scoring which comprises, for example on IMDb, about 5.7 points from 10. On, it hardly reaches the mark of 5.3.  So the scoring is unfortunately even not above-average and it concerns the voting practically on every website of such a type.
But it should not be taken into consideration while deciding the fate of the reality show as it presents a certain message to the audience which it also entertains. The serial has garnered its loyal following – there is no doubting in this fact.
Ice Cold Gold Season 4 Cast

Chances of future renewals

At the present moment of being, we should wait for the official confirmation of the serial resumption for the next installment as well as for the Ice Cold Gold season 4 release date. Thus, so far we have nothing to do but to arm ourselves with patience and wait for the breaking news to come down the road. That’s why try to stay tuned together with our service in order to be notified about any changes in the situation with your favorite reality series.


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