How Do They Do It? Season 14

Having been aired since 2006, How Do They Do It? is a program that clarifies how to utilize the most popular objects of our life. Being just a version of the British and Canadian projects, the series has been broadcasted on Discovery Channel, in the USA, and on other Discovery-related networks internationally.
The studio behind the production is Wag TV. Providing the series with narration, Chris Broyles is the immediate cast leader of this American spinoff. Twelve seasons are already available for watching. The thirteenth season release date being August 9, 2016. The series is broadcasted currently. Twelve episodes are planned to be launched.
How Do They Do It? Season 14 Spoiler

Following the Theme

The reality show focuses on highlighting the everyday objects we exploit in our routine life in the most unexpected ways.
How Do They Do It? Season 14 PosterAmong such objects, there are coffee, longboards, lemonade, diamonds, non-alcoholic beer, jelly beans, tomatoes, and many others.

Audience Reception

The score on IMDb equals 7.4 points out of 10. This shows the great popularity of the project, as it is. The viewership of the project is also worth boasting it. Consequently, there are no grounds to cancel the story. There are much more ideas in the minds of developers to be applied to everyday objects, for instance, credit cards, excavators, fighter jets, macadamia nuts, and so on and so forth.
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How Do They Do It? Season 14 Cast

When Will the New Episode of Season 14 appear?

The target audience of the series includes various ages and nationalities, as curiosity is one of those things that unite all humans. Adults, as well as children, get interested in the insightful project. The developers are just compelled, thus, to create more and more fresh episodes.
The recent debut of the story guarantees that the next season premiere can be held only next year. There have not been any official statements on resources regarding the fate of the project yet the chances are great. We should only wait until the broadcast of the latest season is finished. The How Do They Do It? season 14 release date is not near in coming, surely, yet let’s keep on waiting for the revival!


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