House Rules Season 5

Australians are ready to visit each other’s houses in order to renovate them. For what purposes? Well, it is quite clear that the show is a competition where the goal is to obtain an opportunity of having the mortgage paid off. Season 5 is already near in coming. So, we are all waiting for spring 2017. Stay tuned with us to be notified about the launch date.

Following Pivotal Aspects About the Show

House Rules is a TV show that is referred to the house renovation competition. Here couples are challenged to improve the homes of others to the ends of having their mortgage being paid off.
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Having premiered in May 2013 on Seven Network, the reality show can boast its already long history with four seasons being available for free watching on various online resources. The latest installment has been given a traditional spring start this year. The host of the series is named Johanna Griggs, by the way.

Renovating Houses

The concept has been revealed already and thus, it is time to offer some other specifics on the show. Renovating homes of their opponents, six couples are traveling across Australia. Each week, a certain portion of rules is given by the owners of homes, which should be followed under any circumstances if the participants are aiming at gaining high scores.
The rules are much controversial often when the desires of a male and a female do not coincide. This presents a true ordeal, as satisfying all needs seems to be a thing that cannot be accomplished.
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When all renovations are over at the end of a season, here the panel judges are given the floor. They are set to render a verdict. Only one couple will be lucky enough when winning a chance to change their life.

Audience Feedback

Although the series boasts only average rating figures, it keeps tackling the audience interest. The additional capturing thing apart from those features that are typical for other house renovation shows is the opportunity to see people’s mortgages being paid off in full, which is a great joy indeed.
As for the concrete figures, here we should mention the average viewership equaling 0.7 million watchers. The decline was traced between the first and the third seasons and then the figures became more stable. The IMDb website offers only 6.9 points out of 10.
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Recent Updates

Though the numbers are middling, the series is worth following, as well as producing it, as it provides multiple families with hopes for better future.
The developers come to understand the situation and renew the program for the fifth installment. Well, the next part will be launched in 2017, supposedly in spring as well. The House Rules season 5 release date is yet to be defined. But we may not worry about this, as it is too early for such statements. Let’s follow the updates together with our service since you can find all news about the project here.


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