House Crashers Season 14

A big part of the DIY channel slate is devoted to renovation shows. Here they are entitled as Yard Crashers, Kitchen Crashers, and Bath Crashers. House Crashers is just another portion of projects of such a kind in the programming list yet it is a long-running one airing since 2009. The latest season premiere has been arranged recently, at the close of this summer. In particular, the latest season release date was August 29, 2016.
The production of the renovation show hails from Big Table Media. Hosted by Josh Temple, the series has a full executive cast composed of  Peter Holmes, William Swan, and Kristel DeVries.

Following the Concept

House Crashers Season 14 Cast
The concept of the show is rather clear. Each new episode is devoted to one client who wants to renovate his or her home. The transformation is performed in one of the rooms in the house. The keys are handed over at the start of the program and are returned only when the job is finished.

Popularity of the TV Series

Ordinary watchers have received the show rather favorably. The score on IMDb constituting 6.9 points is the first proof of this. Nevertheless, the story is bashed by the reviewers for some things. Among them, there is the persistent repetitiveness of the scenes. This cannot but annoy people, surely. As for the exact rating figures, they were fluctuating between 0.2 million and 60 thousand watchers during the latest season premiere.
House Crashers Season 14 Spoiler
On knowing that the show airs on HGTV also, there is essence in noting that the series garners almost the same numbers there also. What is your personal viewing of this show? What should be changed there in order to improve rating figures? How do you think? Let us know your thoughts and impressions from watching this program via comments below!

Much Probably Staying on

Though there are some drawbacks in the narration of the show, it is still worth developing it further. Will the next season air date be exposed in the future?
Currently, nothing has been exposed regarding the series fate, as well as the House Crashers season 14 release date. The chances of the bright future exist, in any case, as the show is a promising one if making the narration more deep and insightful. You should stay tuned for more data to come off next year.


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