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To help people achieve their dreams is a great thing, and father and son Holmes have decided to devote themselves to this aim. This Canadian duo is known to the world as a family, which is engaged in charitable work aimed at helping needy people in obtaining and construction of housing. HGTV Canada channel has recently launched a new television show, where these characters play the main role and are the main cast. The project is called Holmes + Holmes and talks about how the experienced businessmen act as assistants to people who have difficulties with the choice or the process of renovation their homes. This format has already been met on modern television, but due to the fact that the Holmes family is known by some of the previous programs, the series has gained popularity in a short time. There is still no any definite information when Holmes + Holmes will return with season 2. Release date of the nest season premiere hasn’t been mentioned yet, and the audience is waiting for the coming of the following new episode and hopes for it to be presented soon.
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Authors and Developers

The starting season air date was scheduled for November 10, 2016. The main creator and producer of Holmes + Holmes is Mike Holmes, whose own production company Make It Right Productions is developing the series. Moreover, this man possesses a special fund aiming at the development of residential construction, which helps a lot of needy people to purchase not only affordable but also quality accommodation.
The channel which is sure to present the next season release date in case of the renewed project returns is HGTV Canada, the network popular in and beyond North America.

About the Show

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Mike Holmes, known in the sphere of business, a proven investor and philanthropist, is committed to organizing assistance to those who need to acquire high-quality and often low-cost housing. Mike as an expert of real estate market helps to choose the best variants based on the best value for money. In the series there is lot of humor, pleasant and sometimes sad moments, but this diversity only enhances the interest of the audience and encourages the public to eagerly waiting for the following season start.

Possible Continuation

Neither the fans of the show nor the creators themselves know whether the series will be renewed for season two or not. Finale information about when new season will be released will certainly be announced in mass media. It’s still difficult to make any prospects, but in case Holmes + Holmes has many positive feedbacks and a good rating the project runway will be continued. Stay tuned and be the first to know the schedule of upcoming episodes and all the plot twists and changes.



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