Hollywood Homicide Uncovered Season 2

Hollywood Homicide Uncovered is a fresh addition to the genre of docuseries airing on the Reelz channel. The first season premiere is dated back to the start of this fall.
The creation is the challenge of Chantal Jackson, the leader of the behind-the-scene cast. Such executives assist him in development:

  • Nat Abraham,
  • Ira Levy,
  • Michael McGuigan,
  • Peter Williamson.

Breakthrough Entertainment serves as a company behind the production. The first season includes six episodes with the duration of the entire hour each. The freshman season release date is September 10, 2016, specifically.

Murders of Celebrities

Hollywood Homicide Uncovered Season 2 Cast
Celebrities are not immortal gods, they are ordinary people as all of us are who have their problems in life and can be killed either emotionally or physically. The series revolves around such personalities, in particular.
There are so many deaths in Hollywood that are considered unthinkable. Well, this place for stars is not only a location for dreams to come true but also a nightmare as it is, as not everyone is strong enough to bear the hidden pressure of the atmosphere there.
The hosts of the show try to go behind the real motives of suspicious deaths. Be prepared for the unexpected and often shocking truth. The first season explores the cases where such stars as Robert Blake, O.J. Simpson, Tupac Shakur, Phil Hartman, Dorothy Stratten, and Phil Spector come to be involved.

A Perfect Blend of Genres

As you see, the series is an excellent instance of making the audience feel excited. The producers of Reelz know their onions when it comes down to investigations of the celebrity-related crimes. In the majority of cases, the beloved stars are the victims of their own souls that are unable to overcome all difficulties, and consequently, they kill themselves. The motives are different and in this show, you will get to know the underlying causes, as they are.

Renewal Potential

There are no data regarding the show popularity. We may only conclude from following the prosperous idea of the show. It can bring perfect outcome and that’s why there is not need in canceling the story.
The story should have its bright future, according to predictions of many. Nevertheless, the fate remains yet to be determined. The Hollywood Homicide Uncovered season 2 release date can be exposed only next year if the verdict is in favor of the program. Let’s wait together for the first new episode and the revealing of info regarding the freshman season air date!


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